Saturday, March 5, 2011

Morgana Cryptoria Haul, First Impressions and Swatches

A couple weeks ago I ordered from the online mineral makeup company called Morgana Cryptoria, a rather cute gothic themed site that has alternative as well as trendy shades. From the site I ordered two of their cult favourite Vegan Lipsticks, two eyeshadow samples (come loose in pots, but I've pressed mine here) and a sample of their Ethereal Veil Finishing Powder.
First up is the two Vegan Lipsticks I ordered Absinthe (a dark rich blue toned green) and Rose Plum (a rose with a plum tinge). And like many before me I love them! Richly pigmented, and super super long lasting this are sure to make an impact! I love the hue of Absinthe- honestly my favourite shade of my favourite colour! Yes, I know green lips are weird but I dig this so much I don't even care. It's a funky take on a gothic lip! Rose Plum on the other hand is just as great but for a more everyday occasion! Really really lovely lip colour that is quite unique, I don't have anything else quite like it. You really get a plum feel to it on the lips too, yet it doesn't look at all purple really. Both are a bit drying I found but I don't find it emphasizes my lip imperfections at all. Plus because these last for hours and through eating for the most part I'm in love! Plus, they were only $12 USD each, or for those of you who like to apply your lippies with a brush you can buy them in pots for only $5 USD. 
T-B: Absinthe, Rose Plum (Bright Light)
T-B: Absinthe, Rose Plum (Dull natural light- Cloudy)
Ethereal Veil
The sample size of the finishing powder I bought was called the Ethereal Veil, a white-blue slightly shimmery powder for use over foundation. If you pat it on quite heavily you can also use it as an eyeshadow. I'm not too sure how I feel about this one yet, the one time I used it so far I didn't really notice too much of a difference on my skin. No real slight shimmer nor a blue tinge. I found the sample jar (same size as the eyeshadow sample jars) to be a bit difficult to use out of so that may be part of the issue. Honestly I bought this because I always wanted that Ethereal look that elves and goddess etc. have in the movies. The almost soft-focus mystical beauty quality that seems so impossible to capture. (Perhaps I should invest in a lighting crew to fallow me around everywhere, I'm sure this would fix the problem!)

Mordred Eyeshadow
Harbinger's Eyeshadow
The two shadow samples I got were Mordred from the Medieval collection and Harbinger from the 2010 Haunted Eyes collection. Mordred is described as a deep mettalic bronze, and Harbinger is described as a deep metallic wine with flecks of aqua. I find Mordred an antique dark brass/gold and Harbinger a blackened red with the smallest amount of aqua shimmer. I found Mordred really lovely, richly pigmented and great metallic shine with subtleties that made it seem like real metal. I didn't like Harbinger as much as I found it chalkier and less pigmented, as well as blacker than I liked. All three were swatched on top of Pixie Epoxy. 
T-B: Ethereal Veil layered, Mordred, Harbinger (Bright Light)
T-B: Layered Ethereal Veil, Mordred, Harbinger
Close up of Mordred and Harbinger
Overall, I'm loving Morgana Cryptorium! The lipsticks are fab and I'll be going back for more (especially as a couple days after I ordered the new shades of lipstick shades were released). I'm eyeing up Roses and Violets, Nightshade, Sunset Peach, and Coraline's Kiss. I want to try a few of her other eyeshadows as well such as Chivalry, Axe to Grind and Lady Godiva from the Medieval collection and Brew HaHa from the 2010 Halloween collection. Plus shipping was quick too! As a side note I adore the type face she chose for her labels, really cute! What do you think of Morgana Cryptoria?
Quick look with Absinthe lipstick and Mordred on the lid


  1. Absinthe looks rather interesting, and I love the eyshadows! Never heard of this brand before though x

  2. I'd never heard of this brand before either but love those swatches. And that green lippy... Wow, don't think I'd be able to pull it off :P

  3. Yes, the green is strange but I totally adore it! It makes me feel like a wood sprite or something lol! Also because I'm in science there is very little colour/creativity stuff so I source all my creative energies into crazy make-up! I actually wore this to school and the amount of strange looks I got was hilarious! Morgana Cryptoria is a very little known Indie company so that's probably why you've never heard of it! I hadn't heard about it until recently either. I was impressed though!

  4. OMG! I actually like that green lipstick on you! It has that magical, ethereal, fairytale type thing to it!

  5. @ Olivia- That's what I thought too! I'm really digging it a ton- it's the perfect green shade lol! They have a ton of other green lipsticks too but I don't think any out there could beat how much I love this colour! :D *hug*

  6. That blue-green lipstick is cool :D