Saturday, February 2, 2013

EU bans cosmetic animal testing!

If you have already heard the good news, then feel free to skip this blog post, but for those of you who haven't here is some of the latest news.

The European Union (a whole slew of countries that work together to an extent) has banned animal testing on cosmetics or there ingredients from being sold in the EU starting March 11th, of THIS YEAR!

Many people thought that this deadline would be pushed back but they've stood firm and it's a go for March 11th. This is huge news for cruelty-free beauty people like myself who lost so many brands due to China's policy that all cosmetics being sold in their country must be tested on animals.

What remains to be seen is what some of the major brands are going to decide to do- remain in China and continue animal testing but have to pull out of all the EU countries, or pull out of China's booming population and quit animal testing.

I'm sure it will come down to dollars and cents for most of the companies but I'm just thrilled on such a great step forward for the cosmetics industry.

Till next time!