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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cargo Kentucky Eyeshadow Duo- Cruelty-Free Mac Vex Dupe

Hello everyone! Today I have my newest and happiest dupe find, Cargo duo in Kentucky. I was desperately looking for a duplicate of Mac's Vex in a cruelty-free formula (boo Mac for selling in China) and this duo was recommended to me. First of all I want to mention though that Cargo is discontinuing this shade and so it is only available for a limited time from them in their sale section. The good news is however that instead of $20 USD for the two colours shown above, the duo is only $10. Yay. You can check it out here!

Shade! You can see the slight pink tinge of the vex dupe in this photo.


Above is the two shadows with Mac Vex on the left and Cargo Kentucky on the right. They are both shown over Milani eye primer (review in the works). The only real difference I've found between the two shades is that the Cargo alternative is slightly less pigmented.

The thing that I loved about Mac's Vex is that it essentially has three colours to it making it very complex and unique. In some lights it appears just silvery grey but in others it looks grey-green or pink. I find it super flattering on my eyes and yet still appropriate for any situation. I like it both as a highlight or as a lid colour and it pairs with most other eyeshadows. Seriously Vex is one of my top eye shadow shades and I was so disappointed when Mac went back to animal testing status.

Over Primer L-R: Mac Vex, Cargo Kentucky, Mac Sumptuous Olive, Cargo Kentucky, Mac Green Smoke
But wait! Not only is there a Vex option there is also a fairly close mix of Mac's Greensmoke shade too. It's a little warmer than Greensmoke but it's fairly close. Considering I find Greensmoke just a tad dark on me most of the time, this shade works great. At first I thought it was going to be closer to Sumptuous Olive but Sumptuous Olive ended up being more khaki-gold than I remembered.
L-R: Mac Greensmoke, Mac Sumptuous Olive, Cargo Kentucky, Mac Vex, Cargo Kentucky
Overall, for the price and match to Vex I love the Cargo duo. It is just a tad less pigmented but over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy or Darling Girl's Glitter Glue I think it will be just about perfect. I like that it's a pressed shade, it's cruelty-free and that it's cheaper than the Mac single and you get another shade too. It doesn't last quite as long as the Mac shade either but it is a huge leap better than the other Vex dupes out there in my humble opinion based on my research. If you want to check them out though Silk Naturals Nymph and Darling Girl's Provoke are both supposed to be dupes as well as Catrice's Dorian Grey shade. 

Overall, Cargo's Kentucky duo gets a 8.5/ 10. The only reason it lost any marks was for reduced pigmentation which also cut back wear time a bit. But it is about a 98% duplicate otherwise. It has all the complex tones of Vex.

Would I buy it again? Yes, I would. However, I think it's going to be pretty difficult to get a hold of once Cargo has sold it out on there site. Why Cargo why must you do this?

Has anyone else loved the Mac Vex shade and been on the hunt for an alternative? Do you have any Cargo duos?