Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil Swatches

It's been a while, but I'm hoping that the blogging muse will slowly makes it's way back to me! There are some goodies coming out from Morgana Cryptoria this month I'm hopeful about so *fingers crossed*.

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Now for what you are really here for, the Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencils- and gosh are they fantastic looking so far. I'm already in love! Lovely matte black packaging, twist up mechanism and super super pigmented semi-matte formula. 

Some of the photos below are a tad blurry- the lighting in Sephora isn't the best. But the colours are all fairly accurate. Yes, some are as bright and out of this world as they appear.

They all had the same texture except Amarone which was quite sheer and glossier than the rest, and Meritage which wasn't as sheer as Amarone but did have a glossier consistency similar. 
Bottom-Top: Syrah, Madeira, Honey Berry, Meritage, Rhubarb, Corvina, Bouquet, Velvet, Chablis,

B-T: Velvet, Chablis, Tart, Violet, Quince, Grapevine, Zinfandel, Toast
Bottom-Top: Toast, Pomegranate, Tannin, Amarone, Bramble

Bottom-Top: Grapevine, Zinfandel, Toast, Pomegranate, Tannin, Amarone, Bramble
B-T: Quince, Grapevine, Zinfandel, Toast, Pomegranate, Tannin

B-T: Velvet, Chablis, Tart, Violet, Quince, Grapevine

Bottom-Top: Velvet, Chablis, Tart

Bottom - Top: Meritage, Rhubarb, Corvina, Bouquet, Velvet

Bottom-Top: Syrah, Madeira, Honey Berry, Meritage, Rhubarb, Corvina
Anyone else as blown away by these shades? There really does seem to be something for everyone!

You can currently purchase these from Sephora for $28 CND. (Yes, unfortunately very expensive, but still cheaper then the Nars ones.)