Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Technical Difficulties!

Sorry everyone! I've had to give up my normal computer (and all of my photos) so that it could be sent in to be fixed. They're supposed to be backing everything up but until then I'm working off of a limited thumb drive. Also blogger has decided that I'm out of photo space. Which means I either have to pay money or find a new place to upload a bazillion photos to. *grr*

If you've got any recommendations on what to do about my photo problem I'd be super appreciative! I have a couple more reviews written up but without pictures they are rather lacklustre. I love having pictures. So in the mean time here is what you can hopefully look forward to:

  • Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy Review 
  • Boots Botanicals Soothing eye make-up remover Review
  •  Haus of Gloi Depravity Perfume Oil Review

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Venomous Cosmetics Sale

Just when I impose myself on a strict no buy, Venomous Cosmetics (one of my new favourite indie companies) puts up a bunch of their shadows on sale as well as lowing the price of their full size shadows to $6.50 from $7.50. In addition to this they've released a new limited edition lip poison (my HG gloss!) for only $3.00. Plus she still has some stock from the Fairy Tale collection (lowered prices) and the Go Wild collection is still live.

Anyways, here is the list of normal shadows that are on sale:

  • Sea Anemone- Medium purple with bright purple sparkle $4.00
  • Bravest Astronaut- Strong red with magenta shifts $4.00
  • Centipede- Medium Aqua with subtle blue sparks $4.00
  • Box Jelly- Satiny White $4.00
  • Sydney Harbour @ Night- Deep purply blue $4.00
  • Meteor- Shimmery light brown with subtle red/orange influences $4.00
That's it. I'm going to go off and cry with my depressed wallet now. Hope you all enjoy! 

The Body Shop Earth Lovers Fig and Rosemary 100% Biodegradable Body Wash.

Wow that is a huge mouthful of a name and a heck of one to type out. Sheesh, could they have made it more convoluted? Anyways onto the body wash itself, not just the title.

Lets start first with the claims of this body wash. The Body Shop states that this body wash is 100% biodegradable (i.e. you should be able to use it in a river and not kill anything), soap free, sulfate free, paraben free and colourant free. On top of this they go on to state that the bottle is 100% recycled packaging.

I like that a popular company has actually made a nature-friendly body wash without you having to spend a huge amount of money at a specialty camping store for it. (At least I don’t think it was that expensive, it’s from The Body Shop, they are usually reasonably priced for the most part. I received this as a prize from Product Pixie’s blog giveaway so I don’t know for sure).

As someone who likes camping this is a great option in my opinion without worrying you’re going to make nearby wildlife sick (as normal soaps will. You try eating soap and see if you feel well).

I also like that they’re using 100% recycled plastic. It obviously can be done, I don’t understand why more companies don’t use it. You think it would be easier and more cost effective to melt down already created plastic than to create new stuff from scratch but I digress.

The body wash comes in an easy to flip open closed snap bottle. It’s also not an issue to squeeze to force body wash out of the bottle too, which is important in the shower when you’re all soaped up and wet.
The scent of it though it certainly sounds strange is actually quite pleasant. Not too herbally, and not too figgy either. Just kind of a little bit of both. It’s not a very strong scent either which I think is a perfectly okay thing to have in an ecologically impact aware product.

Now the important part, without soap (and everything else) does it actually clean? The answer is a certain yes. I’ve used this without issue cleaning both myself, and my recently dyed hair and both feel clean and are dirt free. Surprisingly even without SLS it foams up fine- not as well as with it but more than sufficient to clean oneself with.

I also tried it on my hair as there wasn’t any gentle shampoo in the shower at the time and I know SLS is really hard on dyed hair. So I figured why not try the body wash and if it doesn’t feel clean wash it again with something else. It worked seemingly without incident to get rid of the extra dye on my scalp, so bonus there.

Overall, there isn’t too much I can say about this. It’s body wash and it gets the job done without negative impacts. That’s really as much as you can ask from a body wash. It wasn’t particularly moisturizing or had any stellar skin revolutionary ingredients. Though to be frank body wash is barely on your skin long enough to do much for it. And that ingredient would probably poison small creatures. In comparison there isn’t anything harmful or potentially harmful in the body wash either which is great and probably better for you in the long run.

Sprite Rating: 9/10. It does its job and it isn’t going to harm the local environment. It doesn’t get a perfect score as it doesn’t blow my mind but it is a good product.

Would I buy this again? If I was going camping and actually remembered it then yes. Otherwise I’ll probably stick to my super luxurious body washes (ex. Lush It’s Raining Men, The Body Shop Satsuma Scrub, or just a plain super cheap bar of soap. Yes, I suck but that’s the water sanitation people’s jobs isn’t it, and you can’t say I’m not telling you the truth).

Bath and Body Works: Forest Friends Wallflowers for Fall

Recently, I saw that Bath and Body Works had released their fall collection of Wallflowers scent units. This was exciting because A) I love my Wallflower when I’m at school. It really makes coming home a true joy in the day because suddenly everything smells better and B) the theme is woodland creatures. 

Seriously, you can’t get much freakin’ cuter than these little guys. As I have a super soft spot for critters, you my dear readers are now going to get bombarded with pictures of these Wallflowers whether you really wish to be or not. Oh poor you.

Now I want more. I seriously wish they had made some different animals too like deer and skunks (because I’m the type of person who would find nice smells coming from a cute skunk wall scent station thing hilarious.) To me having two colour variations of only three animals does not equal Woodland Friends. Just saying I wanted more. 

Tom's of Maine Clean & Gentle Peppermint Toothpaste

This is going to be a sort of weird review. It’s about toothpaste, peppermint toothpaste at that. But it’s special toothpaste I promise.

Tom’s of Maine Clean and Gentle fluoride toothpaste in peppermint flavour in my opinion is fantastic. There are multiple reasons why so let me break it down into more manageable chunks to explain.

First Tom’s of Maine is the only toothpaste brand that I’ve ever been in contact with that is cruelty-free. Tom’s of Maine is also free of animal ingredients (so it’s vegan); shares every ingredient, its source and its purpose of every product it produces on its website; includes no artifical colours, flavours, fragrances, or preservatives, makes sustainable practices a priority in every aspect of their business, works to maximize recycled content and recyclability of packaging, and also insures that 5% (12 days) of employee paid time is spent volunteering. In addition they also spend 10% of their profits on human and environmental goodness (whatever that means).

Now taking all of that into consideration and just going on the cruelty-free point alone I had tried a portion of the brand before and was majorly disappointed. The tube of toothpaste I bought fell way below normal toothpaste standards for me. The tube itself was aluminum, which made it hard to squeeze down toothpaste in the bottom of the tube. It was highly prone to forming sharp edges (which hurt) and these edges themselves were prone to breakage, which of course leads to leaks.
Not only did the packaging suck, the toothpaste itself didn’t have fluoride (which frightens me to be honest, I really don’t want to risk cavities) and the taste was wayyyyy too strong of mint. Bleehhh. I thankfully lost the tube after awhile (no really I did actually lose it) and guiltily switched back to a more normal toothpaste, wishing Tom’s of Maine was better.

So when my dad bought a new tube in the states and said I should try it you can understand why I was skeptical.

However, this new tube is in a nice super-soft, easy to squeeze plastic. The ingredients and information is much easier to read on the tube. And, there is fluoride in the toothpaste (yay!). So I figured what the heck I’d try it again. My dad has rarely steered me wrong before.

Oh wonderfully sweet subtle mint goodness. No kidding. This is coming from the girl who preferred the vanilla-mint, orange-mint, flavours when they were still available. Or bubblegum. Seriously I hate strong mint flavours, it took forever to wean me off of kids toothpaste. This mint has a sweet flavour to it. I seriously love that, it makes brushing my teeth less of a chore. Which to me is always a good thing.

Now the toothpaste doesn’t foam up as much as normal toothpastes but I’m alright with that. It still spreads easily throughout your mouth without needing extra.

In addition to this I think the cuts in my mouth are healing slightly faster than normal due to the major aloe content of the toothpaste. Now I may be wrong about this but I really do think they are. As someone who still has some trouble with the area where my wisdom teeth were extracted even six years later (eww, I know sorry!) any possible hint of slightly increased healing is most welcome.

Overall, I think it’s easy to see why I’m converted. The major bonus of this toothpaste is tied between the taste to me and the fact that the company is cruelty-free. I won’t be giving my dad back his tube of toothpaste when he returns from his trip. I’ve claimed it, it’s mine. Especially because it may be helping the more sensitive areas of my mouth.

Sprite Rating: 10/10 Yep I gave a toothpaste a perfect score. Even though this is a beauty blog. But! Keeping your smile healthy is beautiful, so there :P.

Would I buy this again? Looking above it’s fairly obvious but yes, even though I’m only able to get this across the border. Luckily my dad does a ton of work over in the USA so he can be my toothpaste supplier. Yay! :D

Monday, August 29, 2011

Blogger Love! Nightly Nails

Today's Blogger Love! interview is with the awesome Nightly Nails blogger Nicole. If you haven't checked her out you should! She's a wonderfully sweet woman who's blog has a really neat theme. As a person who also has a tendency to doing my nails at night I agree wholeheartedly with it! Plus her logo is adorable isn't it? Her pictures are always really clear and she has a very comfortable writing style that sucks you in and makes her approachable. Anyways enough of my rambling here are her answers!
Nicole from Nightly Nails

1)  Are you more of a Morning, Day, or Night time person?
Night, definitely.
2)   Something you struggle with on a day to day basis?
Getting enough sleep! I think that I require more than the average person.
3)   Favourite Animal?
4)   Favourite Colour?
5)   Preferred foundation coverage and finish ex. Heavy coverage, matte
Medium to light coverage, matte.
6)   How old are you?
7)   What do you do in everyday life? If you’re a student what is your major?
I drive a taxi.
8)  First makeup brand that really got you interested in cosmetics/ nail polish?
Ooh, that was a while ago. As a teenager there wasn't much I had access to, so definitely Wet N Wild.
9)  Do you have any makeup, nail polish or skin care items that are perfect for you? (HG items) If so which- include shade names please.
Urban Decay Primer Potion, Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss foundation in Frisky Mau. It's the only foundation I've ever found that's the perfect match for my skintone!
10) What is your favourite food? Drink?
Macaroni and cheese, and pepsi.
11) Favourite Gem Stone?
12) Do you have any pets in your life? If yes, what are their names (and can we have pictures?)
Nope, no pets!
13) One place you’ve never been that you want to visit?
I'll cheat and say Europe.
14) What inspired you to start your blog?
Well, I originally started my blog as a segue from doing YouTube videos. I ended up blogging almost entirely about nail polish!
15) What are some of the most useful things you’ve learned about since you started blogging?
Be honest! But, you don't have to be cruel or hateful or nasty when you're being honest. And let your personality show through! This should be something you are passionate about.
16) Favourite Season?
17) What do you use to take your blog photos? What type of computer?
A Canon PowerShot point and shoot, and my trusty Gateway.
18) What genre of movies/books do you like?
Almost everything in movies, as well as books - except I'm not really into westerns in film or print. I am pretty partial to historical fiction!
19) Other hobbies or events that you’re involved in?
Well, I do read a lot, and I like to cook.
20) Most unique eyeshadow you own?
Either Urban Decay Lounge, or Fyrinnae Velvet Vampire.
21) Most unique lip product?
I don't actually use a lot of lip products, so nothing stands out to me. 
22) Favourite colour combinations?
Brown and pink or brown and aqua.
23) Favourite piece of jewelry? Why is it your favourite?
A chunky square obnoxiously large turquoise ring that I wear on my index finger. I think it's because it's the real deal, heavy duty hammered silver and chunky turquoise.
24) Best drugstore product you’ve tried?
Hmm, probably that Revlon quick dry top coat I've become addicted to.
25) Random fact you'd like to share about yourself?
I hate licorice.
26) Favourite Nail Polish Brand and why?
China Glaze, far and away. They consistently make unique colors and finishes and I love the formula.
China Glaze Flying Dragon polish- by Nightly Nails
27) Most unique polish you own, why?
Orly Space Cadet. Multichrome magic! It's stunning, so many colors in one bottle.
28) Favourite polish colour to wear?
29) What are the best top coat, base coat, treatments you’ve tried for your nails?
Not everything works for everyone - my best base coat is OPI Natural Nail, my best treatment has been Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment in Growth, and my favorite top coats are Revlon Quick Dry top coat and CND Air Dry.
30) What is your favourite finish of polish? (ie. Cream, holographic, matte, etc.) 

Thanks so much Nicole! Green is my favourite colour too, followed closely by both blue and purple! Check out Nicole further on Nightly Nails!


I'm so sorry for my absence these last couple days. Our internet suddenly crashed and the phone company was lying and it was miserable. In the mean time I wrote up some posts for you so expect a small flood over the next couple of days. Keep tuned!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Mac Me Over Midnight Blues Fluidline~ Review

Midnight Blues fluidline is probably the hardest of the four fluidlines in this Mac Me Over collection to find. It was the first to sell out on the American Mac website and the Canadian Mac website didn't receive any at all at their warehouse. I got really lucky and my sister stopped by a Mac store on the day of the release (and despite a sales assistant trying to sell her the WRONG product), received this gel liner. 

You can see my review for Mac Rich Ground Fluidline here, which is a fantastic product and what I'll be comparing this to, as Rich Ground really is perfection. But before I'll tell you about whether Midnight Blues lives up to the standard Rich Ground set, here's some photos of Midnight Blues.

Mac described Midnight Blues as a Blackened Blue, but it really isn't. In some lights it looks like a navy with a faint shimmer, and in others it looks like a dark blue teal shade. Other times it can look sort of Indigo. On the lid it shows more blue but the other colour effects can show up still there. Here are the swatches:
L: 3 layers, R: 1 swipe
L: 3 layers, R: 1 swipe
Midnight Blues is a little less pigmented than what I hoped it would be, needing two swipes to show opaque on my eyes. However, like my previous fluidline it is still easy to apply and doesn't irritate my eyes. It lasts half decently on my waterline, not quite as well as Rich Ground but better than all my other liner options.
I am glad it shows up mostly blue on because I really didn't want a teal shade (nothing against teal, I've just been looking for a dark blue liner for a while now).

The shade does stain my brush after use, just thought I should mention this. As always Fluidlines cost $15 USD, or $18 CND (plus tax ends up being about $20 CND- quite expensive really. I hate that Mac keeps increasing their prices).

The trick to keeping your fluidlines creamy for long periods of time is to store them upside-down. My Rich Ground liner is still as easy to apply as when I first bought it because I always store it like this.

Overall, I do like Midnight Blues fluidline. Wish it had less green in it but it is a great gel liner and a staple I think in my stash. Plus with how little you need it will last me awhile.

Sprite Rating: 8/10- not quite what I was after in that I was hoping it would be slightly more pigmented and not have the green tinge it has, but on the lid thankfully this dies down. Still, not how it was described.

Would I Buy it Again? Compared to all the other dark blue liners on the market- I'd be tempted to try a Bobbi Brown gel liner in a dark shimmery blue if that colour was available just so I could get the true "Midnight Blue" colour (if it was a better colour match only though) but since this one does perform well I would most likely buy it again, yes.

Both Dark Envy and Dark Diversion are on their way to me so their (most likely joined) review will be when I get my hands on them. Have a great night!

Haus of Gloi Soft Bubbling Scrub~ Review

Recently, I won a giveaway from the wonderful Product Pixie blog. Kathrine the blogger also sent along two Haus of Gloi sample size items. I've since fallen in love with the brand. This is one of the two items she sent me Soft Bubbling Scrub in Apothecary.

I'm going to do this in two sections, the first about the formula of the scrub itself and the second about the scent Apothecary. The amazing thing about Haus of Gloi is that there scents are universal across their product lines so you can get simply the perfume oils or have the scent incorporated in things like their scrubs. 
Apothecary image on label
The packaging firstly is fantastic. The attention to detail on the Soft Bubbling Scrub is wonderful. Each has the scent name and product type clearly written along with a old 1700s style picture that matches the scent. The amount of product, scent description, and ingredients are all clearly listed as well. Honestly for an indie brand Haus of Gloi branding and design blows me away. 

The little tub itself is recyclable (yay) plastic that easily opens or screws tightly shut. The label also shows no signs of coming off yet despite multiple uses in the shower, which is a great bonus. 

Close-up of Soft Bubbling Scrub
Close-up of Soft Bubbling Scrub
When I first read the name and description from Haus of Gloi about their Soft Bubbling Scrubs I thought that the product itself would feel much more, well soft. Or creamy. Don't be fooled, it isn't soft- at first. When you go to scoop some out it is an extremely stiff sugar FILLED mixture. Once on your fingers you don't need hardly anything at all before you rub it into wet skin. All the sugar makes for a wonderful effective scrub. When it meets water it almost turns to a creamy-suds with a prominent scent. 

It goes on really well and washes off well too. No stinging or pain from the scrub being too harsh on my sensitive skin, or from shaving nicks. Plus you don't feel greasy or oily afterwards but it does leave the scent behind and the faint feeling of slight moisturization. Oh and lets not forget wonderfully smooth skin.

Now lets talk about the scent. I'd like to first start off with the fact that before this I've never had the scent from a scrub actually stick around! This actually continues to give off a subtle scent even after I've toweled myself off.

As for the Apothecary scent itself here is the Haus of Gloi's description:
I find this scent quite herbal. As I'm allergic to the scent of lavender for the most part I find Apothecary a bit too much to handle. To me this scrub smells strongly of lemongrass and lavender mainly. I find I like the scent in the shower where it diffuses a bit, but I wouldn't probably order it again due to my lavender allergy. However, don't let that stop you! If you like herbal, earthy, scents this one is lovely and unique. 
I took a photo of the little jar by my lens cap so you can see how small it is. It fits nicely in my tiny hands so I hope that gives you a better idea of how small the sample/travel sizes on the Haus of Gloi site are.

The small size is $3.50 USD for 2 oz and the large is $8.00 USD for 6 oz. You can see all the Soft Bubbling Scrubs on the Haus of Gloi website, there really is a scent for everyone in my humble opinion. Or you can get Aether which is their scentless version. As a side note, Haus of Gloi is completely vegan, which is great too!

Overall, I think this is the best scrub I've come across to date. You don't need much to make a huge difference, it doesn't bother my sensitive skin and it's not too expensive. No greasy residue and the scent sticks around too. Couldn't be better!

Sprite Rating: 9/10- the only reason this product didn't get full marks is because my nose doesn't really agree with the scent, and the fact that you do have to order online so you can't smell beforehand in person.

Would I Buy It Again? I'll probably pick up another Soft Bubbling scrub in a different scent as I do adore how well it works. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New things happening at Hebridean Sprite Beauty

Hey everyone just a quick update on things here on Hebridean Sprite Beauty. I've succumbed to Twitter, so you can follow and talk to me there under HebrideanSprite. I've also added some tabs at the top. A general home tab which will take you back to the main page, a contact me one which just moved the contact information and a Desires page which are items that have caught my interest that I'll change up every once in a while and why I'm interested in them in the first place. I may or may not add a blog sale page at some point depending on my poll in the right hand column. I'll probably move the information posts up too sometime today or tomorrow.

You may also have noticed that I've widened the reading portion of the posts. This is so I can show you larger pictures, so I'm hoping this is a good change. If you like it or dislike it let me know so I can improve the blog.

Anyways, hope you all are having a great Thrusday. I should have some exciting posts coming in the next few days such as a long overdue Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy review and Mac fluidlines from the new Mac Me Over collection which releases in stores today. I should also be  getting my Haus of Gloi stuff soon. *is excited*

If you do have Twitter you can follow me through the link here:

Follow HebrideanSprite on TwitterFollow HebrideanSprite on Twitter

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Make Up Academy Eyeshadow Singles~ Review & Swatches

If you haven't heard of Make Up Academy (short-form MUA) then you're probably not from Britian, lol. MUA is a small new (and by new I mean less than 3 years old) drugstore cosmetics brand that sells their items for a pound (1 GBP) a piece. The only reason I got my hands on these two shadows was because of raves about them on a cosmetics chat I'm on often, a couple rave reviews on youtube and my dad happened to be traveling over to Scotland. I specifically asked him to pick up these two pearl finish eyeshadows and boy are they totally worth more than the one pound price tag!

The two colours are Shade 12 (left in above photo) and Shade 9 (right in above photo). Both are classified as pearl finish and are each 2 grams in size. 

Shade 12 is the Mac Club/ Too Faced Label Whore/ Urban Decay Lounge eyeshadows dupe. It is a reddened brown with heavy green flash to it.

Shade 9 is the Urban Decay Ecstasy dupe. It is a bright red-based purple with intense blue duochrome. 

Here are some swatches!

Sunlight- L: Shade 9, dry, no base R: Shade 9, over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (FPE)
Natural indirect light- L: Shade 9, dry, no base; R: Shade 9, over FPE
Natural Indirect light: L-R: Shade 12 wet, no base; Shade 12 dry, no base; Shade 12 over FPE

Sunlight: L-R: Shade 12 wet, no base; Shade 12 dry, no base; Shade 12 over FPE

Shade 12

Shade 9
Both work better over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy (FPE) but Shade 9 is noticeably more pigmented over FPE. I love how pigmented both shades are (even Shade 9 the purple one which is less pigmented than Shade 12). THey both have strong duochrome to them, with a high shimmer finish and good blend-ability. Shade 9 is a favourite of mine for doing a really intense eye-popping cool-toned eye. Both shades make excellent crease shades too.

I do find these a little difficult to get on the brushes sometimes as they are rather hard. Also make sure you don't get them wet! You can see where I accidently wet my Shade 9 and that section hasn't worked very well since. I have to go around it to get colour.

The packaging is nice sturdy plastic and the see-through front makes it easy to identify colours. Not very stackable though.
The back of one of the shades, ingredients list
Overall, for a pound a piece these are fantastic little drugstore gems! However, quite difficult to get ahold of unless you've got a friend in the United Kingdom. Or a willing father who happens to be visiting the country.

Sprite Rating: 7/10- my only issue is availability and the fact that they could be slightly softer/more pigmented.

Would I buy them again? Yes, for the cheap price and excellent colours I'd buy these again. Much better price option than the high-end versions of these colours in my opinion. I'd love to get my hands on more shades from the range to see how they compare.

Monday, August 22, 2011

My Blogger Love! Interview

A good while ago I answered my own questions for my Blogger Love series, as Miss Diorista was curious to know! (If you are interested her Blogger Love! interview is here.)

So if you want to read my answers head over to her fabulous blog and you can read them. Hope you enjoy! My interview here. :D

Free Burberry Body Perfume Sample

Normally I ignore all things perfume (due to allergies to most perfumes). I also tend to ignore most designer brands due to them mostly being out of my price range, however this is too good to pass up!

If you Like Burberry Body fragrance on facebook you'll recieve a FREE 30ml perfume sample shipped to you. No shipping, no cost. However, there are only 40,000 samples available so get over to the facebook page quick! Heres the link---> Burberry Body.

It takes a second to load but it's really simple. Just put in your e-mail, name and address and click request sample and you'll get a little confirmation.

According to my research (google) Burberry Body smells like: Body Burberry is a luxury chypre - fruity composition that begins with notes of fresh green absinthe, peach and freesia. Roses and iris are in the heart, leaning on the base of sandalwood, cashmerean, musk, amber and vanilla.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wet n' Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Single in Brulee~ Review and Swatch

Many of you will have heard me rave about this little eyeshadow in the past, Wet n' Wild's Color Icon Eyeshadow Single in Brulee. Let me start off this review by saying this is my HG (Holy Grail) nude shade. That really does give you a good idea of how this review is going to go doesn't it?

Sorry! The corner of the eyeshadow broke, but I'm still using it. I've got quite a bit left despite the fact you can see pan!
Here is my very well loved Brulee single. Brulee is a square about 2cm by 2cm big in a matte nude shade. This means it has no shimmer to it at all. Brulee is the only matte single in the line and really is the  standout shade in my opinion. Wet n' Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Singles cost $2.99 CND or $1.99 USD (it's amazing how much more expensive everything is in Canada isn't it? Plus in the US Wet n' Wild is often on sale). You get 0.06 oz of product in total.

For reference I'm N10 on the Mac Scale and this is the perfect skin shade for me (the skin around my eyes is just a touch darker than the rest of my face). If I'm in a hurry I use this all over the lid to even out discolouration of my eyelids. Similarly, if I've got a subtle look going on I like to use it as a highlight shade- which really just hides more discolouration. In a pinch I've used it as an under-eye concealer powder and it works fantastic as a shade to blend out darker colours edges, or mistakes. For darker skin girls I think this would make a lovely highlighter shade. 
L-R: Brulee over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy (PE), Brulee dry on skin.
With Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy beneath you can see the colour Brulee turns when it's used wet. It goes just slightly darker. I personally prefer it dry and by itself over my everyday primer TFSI (Too Faced Shadow Insurance) but as you can see it's rather difficult to see on my skin that way.
L-R: Brulee over PE, Brulee Dry on skin. Indoors, natural light. Best colour representation.
Brulee over PE, sunlight.
I personally love the matte texture of this shadow. Really silky smooth, excellent pigmentation and easy to blend. Some people say it's a bit powdery but I don't really mind that in my matte shades as I find this one fantastic and super easy to blend because of the slight powderiness.

Many people have compared this to a couple different Mac matte eyeshadow shades. I've heard it compared to both Brule and Blanc Type from Mac though I think it's a dupe for Blanc Type myself. Plus these are a way better deal price wise in my opinion!

The packaging on these is sturdy and you do get quite a bit of shadow (I've had mine a long time as you can see on the wear of my package in the pictures). There is a slight trick to opening the package without digging your nail into the shadow (you need to open the tab from below and pop it up with your nail), but once you get the hang of it there is no issue. 

This was the shade that convinced me that I need more matte shades in my life as well as more neutral/skintone shades. How subtle and pretty the "nude" or "bare-faced" look can be. 

Overall, I adore this eyeshadow shade. Best colour for my skin, and so many uses! Plus it's super cheap, how can you complain! 

Sprite Rating: 10/10- even though mine broke a bit, I really think that's because it is quite old and doesn't get handled with a ton of care (i.e. it's my fault not the product). Fantastic matte shade that really converted me the the major benefits of not only matte finish eyeshadows but neutral shades in general. 

Would I buy this again? I don't think I can say it enough. YES, Yes, Yes! I can see myself repurchasing over and over! And stocking up if they think of discontinuing this product! I truly think it is a shade everyone needs, especially for the price.

As always Wet n' Wild is a cruelty-free company, though not vegan. As a side note, Nouveau Cheap mentioned lately that Wet n' Wild is planning on releasing a all matte shade palette! How exciting is that! Whoot!

Blogger Love! with Rachel from The Beauty Spot

This is Rachel from The Beauty Spot! You can check out her blog here!

Most of the blogger love questions are the same, but I've added a few new ones as I realized that I was leaving out most of the nail polish bloggers I follow! The shame! Anyways, heres all about Rachel who has an awesome blog with wonderful swatches! :D 

(As a side note the pictures of her and her hubby are from their wedding in St. Lucia, isn't she a gorgeous bride?)

1) Are you more of a Morning, Day, or Night time person?

More a day person mornings are a bit of a struggle and I'm pooped by bed time :) however I like to get up early on weekends I don't like to waste the day instead I play World of Warcraft for hours lolz :)

2) Something you struggle with on a day to day basis?

Finding time to fit everything in with a full time job and the blog and general life!

3) Favourite Animal?

Dogs especially cute ones like sausage dogs :P

4) Favourite Colour?

Hard to choose either neon pink or orange

5) Preferred foundation coverage and finish ex. Heavy coverage, matte

I want to look like those stupid airbrushed ad's so heavy but not "cakey" and matte is best no one wants shiny face!

6) How old are you?

27 on the 23rd of August!

7) What do you do in everyday life? If you’re a student what is your major?

I have worked in the Financial Services industry for many years not very glamorous I am afraid! I dropped out of college long ago it wasn't for me

8) First makeup brand that really got you interested in cosmetics?

Urban Decay I have always liked bright eye shadows and they were my ticket "in" I have since moved on to indie and lots of other brands but UD still hold a place in my heart

9) Do you have any makeup, nail polish or skin care items that are perfect for you? (HG items) If so which- include shade names please.

This is difficult, I have never really found my Holy Grail items. I have only been into makeup majorly in the past year and a half so I'm still experimenting.

Primer is a must though I use Hi Fi Cosmetics Shadow Fix and couldn't use my loose indie shadows without it! Hi Fi Cosmetics colours have also been a revelation the colour obsessed like me! Sugarpill is also up there!

10) What is your favourite food? Drink?

Omg pizza I have a massive thing for Pizza :) Hmm drink I have a penchant for Cherry Limeade and Vanilla Coke but can only get it in the states  so not that often!

11) Favourite Gem Stone?

I like the way moonstone looks!

12) Do you have any pets in your life? If yes, what are their names (and can we have pictures?)

No pets alas, I do have dog that lives with my parents but we commute a while to work so it wouldn't be fair to get a cat/dog

13) One place you’ve never been that you want to visit?

Japan no doubt about it

14) What inspired you to start your blog?

My frustration on reading blogs review 100 types of "brown" shadow I wanted to share what I like and that's usually very bright colours!

15) What are some of the most useful things you’ve learned about since you started blogging?

Lighting is everything, also not to "pack" on too much product on a swatch you want it to look natural and how people are going to use it. Also you don't have to have a top of the range camera for good results mine was only around £100 but has the functionality I need

16) Favourite Season?

Winter I love cuddling up in front of the fire and twinkling tree!

17) What do you use to take your blog photos? What type of computer?

I use Samsung ST70 Digital Camera - Black (14.2MP, 5x Lens) 2.7 inch TFT Screen

My PC is not describable cos I'm a doofus, my other half makes sure it's up to spec and gaming ready!

18) What genre of movies/books do you like?

 For actions Sci-Fi, Action and that sort of thing I HATE chick flicks!! Books I'm pretty open I read a lot of fantasy and the odd paranormal one

19) Other hobbies or events that you’re involved in?

I am a big video game enthusiast. I play a lot of World Of Warcraft but also love other RPG's and action games. I'm actually going to the London MCM Expo in October dressed as Ezio from Assassins Creed (think London's Comic Con?)

20) Most unique eyeshadow you own?

Sugarpill Royal Sugar that is a very unique blue, I have trouble applying it but the mega colour makes up for it

21) Most unique lip product?

Hmm the Illamasqua intense glosses are pretty awesome

22) Favourite colour combinations?

Hot pink, red and orange!

23) Favourite piece of jewelry? Why is it your favourite?

I have a bracelet my mum bought me with tiny pressed flowers in it, all different ones in little bubbles its unique and pretty

24) Best drugstore product you’ve tried?

Wet N Wild shadows I got them on a beauty swap cos they are not available in the UK

25) Random fact you'd like to share about yourself?

I'm a sucker for Gary Oldman and Mark Strong!

26) Favourite Nail Polish Brand and why?

Ooo tough....Zoya I think they have a lot of unique colours

27) Most unique polish you own, why?

Orly Space Cadet it's a true duo chrome and looks amazing

28) Favourite polish colour to wear?

Zoya Charla (I know I'm predictable!)

29) What are the best top coat, base coat, treatments you’ve tried for your nails?

The thing I have found works best for me is the Zoya color lock system it makes my polish last and last with minimal chipping I would purchase again

30) What is your favourite finish of polish? (IE. Cream, holographic, matte, etc.)

I hate flat boring polish I love holographic but I am always disappointed in them they look great in sunlight but I am in the UK!! I mean come on! I will always keep an eye out for holographic though, next to that is duo chrome and glitter and or neon!

Yay! Thanks so much Rachel! I certainly feel the same as you about a lot of different things like sausage dogs (so cute!) and holographic polish looking best in the sunlight but kind of meh inside. 

You can check out Rachel's blog The Beauty Spot <--there. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mac Bloggers Obsession Collection Update

Just a quick update, if you are still interested in getting a hold of some of these items the Canadian site has some in stock (even jealousy wakes!) Just thought I'd point it out to everyone!

Here is my review on Jealousy Wakes if you're in the mood for more info. Jealousy Wakes Review and Swatches

P.S. The Haus of Gloi has restocked their Autumn collection as well :D

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Haus Of Gloi Autumn 2011

All images in this post are from the Haus of Gloi website
Today, Haus of Gloi released their Autumn collection at 9:00 PST or 12:00 EST. Having heard such wonderful things about them, most especially their autumn collection I made my first order. I had heard of them off and on in the past but being highly wary of scents (most standard perfumes cause me bad headaches) I decided to pass.

However, I recently won Product Pixie's giveaway and in it she included not only a ton of other awesome prizes but 2 of them were Haus of Gloi and I fell in love. One was a sample of Depravity Perfume oil, a really awesome scent. It starts out berry and smoky and then over time become insense and clove to eventually die down to a sweet powdery smell. Plus no headaches! You can really tell there isn't any alcohol or cheap things in these!

I've really enjoyed it so far, especially at night time. The other was a sample tub of their bubbling scrub in Apocrathy. It's more of an herbal scent, which I like but don't like as much as Depravity. I haven't tried it yet in the shower but when I do I'll let you know. As a major plus the entire company is vegan, even their honey fragrances (they use a synthetic that smells like honey but isn't from animals).

So onto the Autumn release which is Haus of Gloi's most famous seasonal collection. The Sold Out items are the ones that are already sold out (despite this being only 2 hours after the autumn collection was released!)

There are six sections in the Autumn release: Perfume Oils, Candy Bowl, Bubbling Scrubs, Pumpkin Butter, Emulsifying Scrub, and Handmade Soap.

The Perfume Oils include-
3 different Sampler Packs (varying prices $12.50- $9.00)

Ceremony: Dusty beeswax candles, frankincense, myrrh, mastic, spikenard, pale honey, a pinch of tobacco, and faded musk. $17 USD

Hex: You've been bewitched! Brackish amber, aged vanilla bean and three dark fruits, veiled in darkness and otherworldly secrecy. $15 USD

Saft Ernte: A merry drink of harvest and glowing with warmth: Peach juice simmering with sweet spices, pumpkin, silken hazelnut cream, and made completely curious with a drop of orange blossom water. $15 USD

Samhain: Freshly turned earth, wet leaves, and a cool spectre ridden wind! $15 USD

Pumpkin Queen: Gentle hay pillows, pumpkin, ripe peaches dusted with clove and nutmeg, dried summer herbs, and lastly, a lovely crown of amber. $17 USD

Queen Mother (Sold Out): Last years Pumpkin Queen oil with 5 year aged patchouli, jasmine essence, and the blackest vetiver, co-distilled with honeysuckle blossom. $17 USD

Pumpkin Eater: Cream, glowing pumpkin, rich vanilla bean, and the tiniest touch of nutmeg butter.
$15 USD

Olde Cider Haus: Old oak, sweet drying hay fields, crushed apple pulp, and vanilla bean husks.
$15 USD

Ghost Puffs: Buttery popcorn and gooey marshmallow orbs presented on a wooden stick. $15 USD

Hedonic: Black fig, golden honey, saffron threads, and Indian agar musk. $17 USD

Red Roan: Fresh strawberry flecked porridge with maple syrup and adulterated with a splash of white cognac. $15 USD.

Bubbling Scrubs cost $4.50 for small and $10 for large; include-

Pixie Sorcerer: They look cute but beware! Deceptive pomegranate candy floss, beneath a spiteful blend of coffee co2, vetiver and myrrh.

Pumpkin Queen: Same as Pumpkin Queen scent above
Saft Ernte: Same as Saft Ernte above
Samhain: Same as Samhain above

Pumpkin Butters (thick moisturizers) cost $4.50 for small and $10 for large; include the scents-

Ghost Puffs: Same as above
Olde Cider Haus: Same as above
Pixie Sorcerer: Same as above
Pumpkin Eater: Same as above
Samhain: Same as above
Pumpkin Queen: Same as above
Saft Ernte: Same as above

Emulsifying Scrubs (Sugar Exfoliants), cost $11; Include the scents-

Pixie Sorcerer: Same as above
Pumpkin Queen: Same as above
Saft Ernte: Same as above
Samhain: Same as above

Handmade Soaps cost $6.75; include the scents-
Olde Cider Haus- Same scent as Olde Cider Haus scent above
Pumpkin Queen- Same scent as Pumpkin Queen above (but isn't the soap awesome and totally something you'd associate with a pumpkin queen?)
Samhain- Same scent as Samhain above. (Also love the design and dried leaf bits for Samhain soap too!)

Candy Bowl (Perfume Oils) include (@ $12 USD each)-

Banana Taffy: Yellow taffy with a mildly artificial banana flavor.

Blood Orange Marshmallow (Sold Out): Rich blood orange and fluffy white marshmallows.

Candy Corn: Simple but irresistibly sweet and delicious candy corn.

Caramel Apple Pop (Sold Out): Sweet warm caramel and tart apple.

Coconut Bon Bon: White Chocolate with coconut flakes.

Lemon Drops: Bright Californian Lemon and pure cane sugar. Yum!

Licorice Chew: A warm caramel flavored with anise seed.

Peaches & Cream Gumball: Peaches and Cream. (I really should have ordered this, I love peaches!)

Pumpkin Cake Pops (Sold Out): Just that, lightly spiced pumpkin cake with frosting!

Salty Caramel: Caramel flecked with coarse sea salt. (I almost ordered this! Yum!)

Vanilla Taffy: Simple taffy, vanilla flavored!

And I bought (blowing my budget to smithereens):
- Full Size Saft Ernte Perfume Oil
- Perfume Oil Sampler Pack 1 (Includes Red Roan, Hex, Samhain, Pumpkin Queen, and Saft Ernte sample vials)
- Full Size Olde Cider Haus Perfume Oil
- Depravity Body Emulsion sample size (light moisturizer)
- Full Size White Raspberry Perfume Oil
- Sample size Imp Perfume Oil

Way more than I planned to spend but I'm so excited! I can't wait till I receive my order! (Full review then!) You can view the Haus of Gloi website here!