Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bath and Body Works: Forest Friends Wallflowers for Fall

Recently, I saw that Bath and Body Works had released their fall collection of Wallflowers scent units. This was exciting because A) I love my Wallflower when I’m at school. It really makes coming home a true joy in the day because suddenly everything smells better and B) the theme is woodland creatures. 

Seriously, you can’t get much freakin’ cuter than these little guys. As I have a super soft spot for critters, you my dear readers are now going to get bombarded with pictures of these Wallflowers whether you really wish to be or not. Oh poor you.

Now I want more. I seriously wish they had made some different animals too like deer and skunks (because I’m the type of person who would find nice smells coming from a cute skunk wall scent station thing hilarious.) To me having two colour variations of only three animals does not equal Woodland Friends. Just saying I wanted more. 

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