Monday, April 4, 2011

Awesome new things out for Spring!

Skin Care by Clinique at ShopStyle

This new release is the Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum. This has been getting raves already, so I'm super excited to find a sample of this to try! It's a pore minimizer that is supposed to show instant and work for long term results! The best of both worlds. However, it's expensive so I want to give it a try first- $39.50 USD for 1 oz. (Ouch!) It's also supposed to make the skin feel tighter/younger over time as well.

Lip Products by Too Faced at ShopStyle

This are new out too! Much like the Stila convertible colours these are Too Faced Full Bloom Lip and Cheek Colours! I adore the name as the colours really do resemble roses and other flowers out in force! It comes in three shades, I'll definitely have to swatch these soon! These hold 0.16 oz of product and are $21 USD.  There are a bunch of specialty ingredients in this including Vitamins, flower extracts and avocado!

Face Blush by Too Faced at ShopStyle

In three similar colours as the Full Bloom Lip and Cheek Colours, these powder blushes by Too Faced are called the Full Bloom Ultra Flush Blushes! Man what a mouthful! Supposably these blushes also contain an ingredient meant to help hydrate skin and improve the production of elastin (the stuff in you skin that prevents wrinkles). These are 0.14 oz for $19 USD.

Body Cleansers by Josie at ShopStyle

Josie Maran has just released a bunch of new items including a cleansing oil and this her Argan Oil Sun Protection in SPF 30. An all natural sunscreen with her signature Argan Oil ingredient in it. I'd like to try some of this to see how it compares to my favourite facial sunscreen. It's $24 USD for 4 oz of product. This is pretty much her sensitive skin version, she has another similar product out that is SPF 40 that is supposed to double as a primer as well. I'll have to see how that fares too!

Clarisonic has released some awesome new Clarisonic Mia models this spring as well! Look at the Jaguar or the fresh spring green! Or the Limited Edition Hope is Beautiful one that Clarisonic will give a donation to a charity towards helping cancer stricken women feel like themselves again. Yay! So much nicer colours than when I got my plain white one!

Eye Shadow by Urban Decay at ShopStyle

Urban Decay has finally switched over from their pretty but hard to use genie bottle Primer Potion packaging to a much more sanitary and efficient tube packaging! All four shades of Primer Potion are now available in the new squeeze tubes- Eden (matte yellowed nude), Greed (Shimmery Gold), Sin (Pink Shimmery Champagne), and the Original (Clear). Though, they have now gone up a dollar in price $19 USD. Though on the bright side they hold more going from 0.34 oz to 0.37 oz in size.
Urban Decay is releasing a bunch of other stuff soon, I'll let you know as soon as it's out! (New palette with new shades included and a Make-up bag included!)

Lipstick by Bite at ShopStyle

Recently an entire new line has been introduced to Sephora called Bite. It looks kind of Gothic at first glance but it's not vampire oriented despite first impressions! It's all about superfruit like pomegrantes that have antioxidants. All their products are chalk full of them and they look wonderfully pigmented too! Can't wait to actually try some of these in person! The packaging and images look so luxe!

Face Luminizer by Make Up For Ever at ShopStyle

And last but not least is the new Make Up For Ever Uplights, illuminizers in a ton (8) different shades for highlighting from pearly white to bright pink to golden copper in shade! I'm thinking if you liked the cream blushes MUFE released a while ago, you're going to like these too!

That's it for now! Hope you enjoyed looking at some of the awesome new products out and about!

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