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Lorac Multiplex Lipgloss~ Swatches and Review

Lip Gloss by LORAC at ShopStyle
These Multiplex 3D lipglosses by Lorac are some of my favourite glosses. I've got three of them though there are 6 in the main line (I think there is one other shade which is only available in a kit). The one pictured above is Cliche.
Top to Bottom: Untamed, Vivid, Cliche
This photo really lets you see what I love most about these glosses, the amazing 3D effect duochrome and depth! Cliche (the bottom swatch) is a hot pink with a heavy purple-blue reflect; Vivid is the prettiest warm pink with a lime-gold heavy reflect (way way prettier and more flattering than it sounds!) and Untamed is a stunning coral shade with major pink and orange shimmers. (This shimmer didn't show up well on camera however. Click the photos to see them larger for a better idea.)
All three of these make my lips look slightly larger due to the super shine and colour shift. I love the look of these on! So pretty!
Warmer light
Medium indoor lighting
Best view of Untamed's sparkle
Another awesome thing about these glosses is how incredible they smell! They smell like mangos and passionfruit and tropical paradise! Seriously, I've opened these up and held them out to friends and had them smell these lipglosses because they smell so incredible! The scent once on does fade however, if you aren't a fan of the scent. (Honestly though, I don't see how you could dislike it, unless maybe you don't like fruit.)

These are fairly non-sticky on, though your hair will stick in it if it happens to fly in your mouth. The disappointment for these however is in the wear and the price for me. I get maybe two-three hours of wear out of these, though the duochrome/3D effect usually only lasts one. Cliche however, for some reason stains my lips hot pink so even though the gloss may fade, the hot pink will stick around for quite awhile afterwards. Neither of the other shades I have stain.
L-R: Cliche, Untamed, Vivid
The tubes for the gloss are good quality, sealing well and able to take quite a beating (as is evidenced in the photo of mine above!) It's important to note though that the holographic silver band around the top and the lettering scratches and wears off really easily.

The applicator for these is one of my favourites. It's a small, dense lip brush that really applies the gloss well with excellent control. Just note though that in the new gloss the bristles (plastic) haven't been snapped apart yet, you'll need to bend the tip of the applicator a bit to loosen them up the first time you use it.
The Tubes! L-R: Cliche, Untamed, Vivid
My favourite shade has to be Vivid. Vivid is so unique and looks stunning on everyone without being too out there. Though the green may scare you off, it doesn't look green on, only gold, unless you're looking at the tube from about five inches away. 

These cost a cringe-worthy $22 USD for 0.17 oz of product. In Canada it's even more- $29 CND, making it with tax over $30 dollars, which is enough to make me faint when I add up the cost of the three I own (though I did buy two during a sale thank god!). On the plus side though, I've had my Vivid over a year now and it hasn't gone bad or off in anyway so they last quite well.

Overall I love these glosses and would recommend them to anybody, but they are most certainly an indulgence. They aren't really a wearing around the house gloss due to the price but they do look fantastic, plus there are multiple shades that'll suit all skintones. 

Sprite Rating- 7/10 Lost points due to poor lasting power, and price. The colours are amazing though!

Would I buy these again? Yes, I would (as you can see I have three!) but, as they're expensive I doubt I'll get too many more.

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