Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush~ Swatches

Lately the Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes have been getting a ton of press because of their high pigmentation, longevity and range of shades. So, I decided while I was in my local Sephora to swatch all the shades for you :D. If you're interested in my review on these blushes you can give it a read here.

There are eight shades in total as can be seen in the first photo, here are the first four.
Top to Bottom: Blushing Bride, Natural Beauty, Flush, Tipsy
Left to Right: Natural Beauty, Flush, Tipsy, Blushing Bride
Blushing Bride is a beautiful deep plum with a gorgeous super fine sparkle. It's also really pigmented!
Tipsy is a peachy coral shade. It has a bit more of an orange shade to it than blissful in my opinion. Matte texture.
Flush is a bright grape shade. Matte texture and really pigmented as well. 
Natural Beauty is a bright red-raspberry. Also matte and super pigmented.

And here are the second half!
Top to Bottom: Amused, Blissful, Exposed, Doll Face
Left to Right: Amused, Blissful, Exposed, Doll Faced
Amused is a bright blue-based pink (brighter than it appears here), very pigmented as well. Matte.
Blissful is a super lovely pinky-coral shade. This is the one I bought, and I adore the natural flush it gives. Matte texture, and quite pigmented as well.
Exposed is a matte tan shade, perfect for a neutral blush or conturing.
Doll Faced is a light pink. Least pigmented of all the shades but still a decent amount, as all these blushes are full of colour.

Hope these were hopeful!

You can look at them here on Sephora...

Face Blush by Tarte at ShopStyle


  1. I love how those are set up, with the river going through them!

  2. I liked how Amused looked but the Sephora brand has the exact same color for half the price.

  3. @ Gudrun: I totally agree, I love the stand these are in- the river and rainforest set-up is brilliant, and love how this is echoed in the print on the powder! Really emphasizes the Amazon Rainforest part, and looks so cute too!
    @ Kat: I didn't know Sephora had anything similar! How does it last in comparison? Do you have a name for it? Thanks so much for the information!