Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tarte Amazonian Clay Powder Blush~ Review

Face Blush by Tarte at ShopStyle
For Valentine's Day my mom bought me one of the new (and highly popular) Tarte Amazonian pressed powder blushes. These blushes come in a variety of shades and have the stamp of a river going through jungle on them (a detail I LOVE! Amazon River, yay!) The shade I got is Blissful, a gorgeous pink-peach matte shade. (Side note- there are some that have glitter in them that look like they would have major fallout issues!)
Slightly warm, Blissful is really brightening and it looks very natural. I have a feeling it's going to be a favourite for the summer.

Tarte touts this blush as 12-hour  wear, and it does last much longer on me than all of my other powder blushes (Mac, Joe Fresh, Clinique), but not anywhere near 12 hours. More like 6.
You really don't need much which is a plus, only a slight brush across the powder to get enough colour for your cheeks.
One thing though that really got me was the price. In Canada with tax this cost around $37 CND. That's almost $40 for a blush which is insane! The blush is nice, but not that fantastic! Maybe the skin nourishing ingredients that Tarte has put in the blush will eventually do wonderful things for my skin, but honestly I don't see it. You use so little blush in a single application and there has to be even less of the beneficial ingredients in the blush itself. Don't get me wrong, I'm a true believer in every little bit helps, but, but, $40! It's just out of most people's reasonable price range for a blush in my opinion.
Finger Swatch (most true to colour)
Overall, I like it and I'm glad my mom got it for me. Beautiful colour, adorable packaging (even if the print on the powder will go away with use, the compact the colour of the blush is cute!) and I like that there are some beneficial natural things in it (even if I'm not expecting much from them!). I think it's a nice super splurge blush, I probably won't buy any for myself, though if I like another shade in the range it may go on a wishlist in the future for birthday or some such event, but most certainly not a purchase I would make without considerable thought.
Sprite Rating: 7/10- lost major points for price, I just can't get past that. It also doesn't last as long as it claims to so that is disappointing. Other than that though it is a lovely blush.

Would I buy this again? This is a really tough one. Part of me says yes as the colour is great and it does last more than my other powder blushes and looks great on, but the price is out of my normal price range. So my answer is a tentative yes, but I won't be getting more than one more shade from the range at most!


  1. thanks for the blush-counter photo! I'm eyeing the purple one :)

  2. I have been eyeing these. I have enough blushes but I don't have these! LOL

  3. @ Jennifer- Glad the photo was useful! I just thought the display was so cute! The purple one was one of the blushes that originally attracted me too! I never thought I'd pick the colour I did, but I ended up liking that shade the best.
    @ Olivia- I was the same way when I saw these! I have more than enough blushes but I saw these and fell in love! I don't know what I fell for but I fell! Lol glad you liked the post! :D