Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mac Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder~ Review

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I'm sure many of you have heard of Mac's Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder before. If you haven't it's a white dry powder that you brush on your face before or after make-up application to make cosmetics such as foundation and blush last longer and look nicer. I don't usually use mine as a primer (though it does kind of work- I've only used it one or twice this way), instead I use it to finish off my look for the day.

Most of the time I'll take my mini Eco tools Kabuki brush and buff this all over my face on top of my foundation to reduce shine and the look of my pores. I really like this powder for this as it's weightless, transparent and truly does give the nicest soft-focus effect. I instantly look smoother, less stressed and healthier when I use this. Of course this soft-focus effect doesn't last too long. Maybe an hour max. but the powder does help reduce oiliness throughout the day and it does help cut down the dewy finish of foundation. I'm fairly sure it lengthens the wear time of my powder blushes as well.

Of the different powders I've tried- Make Up For Ever HD, Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder and Mac Prep and Prime I've liked Prep and Prime the most as it was the most invisible and the most pore blurring. It was also the best deal as the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder is $22 USD for 0.14 oz, $21 USD for 0.32 oz for the Mac Prep and Prime, and $30 USD for 0.35 oz for the Make Up For Ever Microfinishing HD Powder. That's $1.57 for 0.01oz of LM, $0.66 for 0.01 oz of the MAC and $0.86 for 0.01 oz of the MUFE. Plus as you don't need too much product this lasts forever! I've had my jar for around 9 months and I'm not even halfway through it yet.

The one issue I have with this powder though is the huge sifter holes inside the tub. They let all the powder move about too easily and I always have to make sure to tap the lid (to avoid a huge puff of powder coming out into my face) and be really careful to hold it level before opening otherwise it will go EVERYWHERE. Also as with all loose powders of this type be sure you don't breath in when you're applying it around your nose and mouth. I accidently did that once and the coughing/hacking/sneezing that ensued wasn't pleasant.

Overall I quite like this powder, it doesn't break me out, it makes me seem to have nicer skin than I actually do and it helps control oil a little.

(Sorry I don't have more photos of this. Honestly it's not that interesting- it looks like a white powder in a black and white tub. I didn't really see a point. I may add one later of the large sifter holes but I'm actually not at home as I write this so I can't take photos of it.)

Sprite Rating: 8/10- lost points only for shifter issues and the inflated Canadian price (about $33 CND when you include tax- bleh).

Would I buy it again? Yes, and I probably will unless I get side tracked by a different product!

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  1. The Prep & Prime powder didn't work on my oily skin, it made me look greasier! For me, it didn't control oil at all, even though I had high hopes. Yesterday I ordered the Mattify Ultra Powder online, and all the reviews say its the 'holy grail' of powder for people with oily skin. So am keeping my fingers crossed that it will work better than the MAC! It was much cheaper too, the MAC is a ripoff..$22 for 8 measly grams, when the Mattify Powder was $14 for 14 grams.