Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lemming List!

It's been awhile since I've done a lemming list! These are things I'm currently lusting after, and might be of interest to you too, or if you already own it I'd love to hear what you think about it! It's lists like these that occur after hectic weeks like the one I just had!

1. Nubar Reclaim- Green Holographic polish (vegan too!)
Image from bynubar website
Green is my favourite colour and this one is awesome! What isn't there to like about grass green holographic polish? So beautiful, I just wish Nubar was easier to purchase here in Canada!

2. Chantecaille Turtle Eyeshadow Palette

Eye Shadow by Chantecaille at ShopStyle
A stunning eyeshadow palette and part of the proceeds go towards helping Sea Turtles! I love the colours too. Chantecaille has blow themselves away yet again!

3. BB Couture polish in Dragon's Breath
(Image from BB Couture site)
Dragon's Breath- Purple Glitter Jelly, Check out Varnish Vixen's Swatch here!

4. Rescue Beauty Lounge Polishes- Anne, Catherine of Aragon and Catherine Howard
Anne- Image from Rescue Beauty Lounge website

Catherine Howard- Image from Rescue Beauty Lounge

Catherine of Aragon- Image from Rescue Beauty Lounge Website
These were released by Rescue Beauty Lounge as part of the Real Housewives of Tudor Dynasty collection and I've fallen in love with all three of these expensive ladies! Look at the stunning shimmer though! *Drool*

5. Urban Decay Revolver Matte Eyeshadow
Urban Decay has decided to discontinue this! WHY!? I was just going to take the plunge and buy it and *wham* my Sephora doesn't carry it anymore and there isn't any left in stock! It's such a smooth, pigmented light grey with a matte finish! Do you know how difficult it is to find a matte light grey that doesn't run warm/brown? 

6. Clarins Eye Contour SPF 30

Eyes Fine Lines & Wrinkles by Clarins at ShopStyle
I got a small sample of this a week or so ago and wow, is this a great product! Expensive, but you only need the littlest amount and it doesn't sting, irritate my eyes, or feel greasy! It absorbs in and actually primes my under eye area wonderfully, making my concealer go on nicer! I really want a full size of this.

7. BB Couture Nail Polish in Michael and Eve (Both from the Infamous Lovers collection)
Michael Polish- Image from Body and Soul Beauty Blog
Michael Polish- Image from Body and Soul Beauty Blog
A shout out to Mary at the Body and Soul Beauty Blog, thanks so much for the permission to use your photos, they're stunning! Definitely take the time to check her blog out, her polish swatches are fantastic! And aren't these two great? I love the murkiness of both of these, and the shimmer is great in them. These could satisfy my RBL craving from above. Or you know I could have all 5....

That's it for now! I'm sure I've missed somethings but I'll save them for next time! What do you think> Any of these items you're interested in too?

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  1. I am interested in the Nubar and I want to try Nfu Oh polish tool