Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wet n' Wild Mega Eyes Cream Liner in Eggplant

It's a snow day here at my university so I'm taking advantage of the break and trying to catch up on blogging! A little while ago I bought the Wet n' Wild Mega Eyes Cream liner in Eggplant a dark purple shade. It comes in the above UFO shaped container and cost around $7 CND. 
It also comes with an angled brush which is too thick to use for eyeliner in my opinion but may work out for an eyebrow brush. This liner really does hit all the marks of a good gel/cream liner in my opinion. 
It's smooth and creamy, pigmented and stays put all day long. In fact I put it on my hand in varying intensities and the thickest swatch lasted 3 days. And considering I did dishes and was also in lab for some of that time this is seriously impressive! 
Another good thing about the product is the packaging. It looks weird in that the lid is on the bottom but this is actually a good thing as I need to store all my other cream and gel products upside down to keep them creamy otherwise they'll dry out. 
One dip of the brush through the gel and wiping until I ran out of product on the brush.
Thickest line three days later (And much scrubbing)
What else is nice about this product? Because the purple is so dark it doesn't look outrageous on like a blue liner would. This is work-friendly! It also has really lovely violet shimmer in the sunlight (Click the photo below to see the large version and the shimmer). 
If you're worried about removal don't be, it came off completely and easily with some waterproof make-up remover.

Overall Rating: 8/10- Lost points for the fact it could be a bit more pigmented (I had to slightly touch up one of my eye lines after application) and the price is expensive for wet n' wild (though the quality is on par with my Mac fluidliner). 

Would I buy again? Yes. Overall I'm happy with the product and the wear as well as the look and packaging. A good buy, especially for a drugstore liner, wish they had more shades!


  1. where dod u buy this? you live in canada right?

  2. @Anonymous- In Canada Wet n' Wild can be found in Zellars or at Wal Mart, hope that helps.