Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nails Inc

In the past I've posted about Nails Inc. Recently upon a question from a lovely reader (*waves* Hi!) I found out that though Nails Inc does not test their final products on animals they couldn't provide me any information on their suppliers. This doesn't seem too good as either their a) apathetic and don't really care what their suppliers do or b) they're hiding something. I just wanted to make this addition as I know some people are concerned.

Please take note if you've heard about the recent takeover of OPI/ Nicole OPI by Coty I'll be looking into the future animal testing status of OPI once I'm done exams (it's going to be at least 2 weeks though, sorry!)


  1. -waves- Hi!
    It's such a shame that OPI has sold out too. :(
    Thanks again for finding out.

  2. No problem Anna! It is a shame but I've heard that they have kept the non-animal testing policy. I'll have to find out more of course.