Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mac Peacocky Mega Metal Eyeshadows

Thanks to HerGreyness on Spectra for all the wonderful photos and swatches on this post!
Here are some more shots of the Mega Metal Shadows from the upcoming Mac Peacocky collection. Stunning aren't they?
Starting from the bottom left going clockwise- Best Guesses
Top of the Posh, (No Idea sorry!), Peek-At-You, Prance, Dalliance
Best Guesses L-R: Paparazz-she, Sexpectations, Prance
Best Guesses
Top L-R: Ego, Odalisque
Bottome L-R: Top of the Posh, Dalliance
Top row L-R (best guesses): Prance, Paparazz-she, Noir Plum, Mating Call
Bottom Row L-R (best guesses): Unflappable, Sexpectations, Odalisque, Ego
All Swatched Dry
Mega Metal Shadow $19.50 USD (Limited Edition)

Peek-At You- Frosted yellow white
Dalliance- Light Champagne
Tweet Me- Gold Bronze
Paparazz-she- Deep Copper Bronze
Top of the Posh- Frosted White Pink
Mating Call- Midtone frosted violet
Sexpectations- Metallic Burgandy
Spectacle of Yourself- Deep Bronze
Dandizette- Navy with Silver pearlized pigments
Odalisque- Deep Teal
Noir Plum- True Purple with Silver pearlized pigments
Ego- Forest Green
Prance- Frosted Mauve Pearl
Centre Stage- Frosted Chocolate Brown
Unflappable- Frosted Black with Purple pearlized pigments

Pretty awesome yes? I know I'll most certainly be picking up a couple of these as according to HerGreyness on Specktra these are powder eyeshadows that feel like cream and go on without any fallout! All swatches above are dry and wet these are suppose to be even more spectacular! To see any of the pictures bigger just click on them and they'll come up larger on a separate page. So awesome!


  1. wow, these are GORGEOUS! They truly look like a peacock. Lovely!

  2. I love the rich jewel tones in this collection it really appeals me too Brooke :D

  3. Uh oh, I was trying not to buy anything, but peacock is my weakness... :(

  4. OMG!!! They look so much more vibrant and colorful than the promo pics.

    Is that Sexpectations on the little finger of your left hand? And all the shades on your right hand are beautiful!!!!!!!!

  5. @ Vonvon Unfortunetly these aren't my photos and she was sent Press samples that had no names sadly! They are way vibrant though!