Sunday, November 7, 2010

Varnish Vixen Giveaway!

All images from Varnish Vixen
Varnish Vixen is having an awesome giveaway! There are four prizes you can possibly win, RBL Anne.
Four bottles of OPI Burlesque colours!
Four bottles of China Glazes christmas collection (with my two favourites Party Heart and Misletoe Kisses)
And last but not least by any strech of the imagination is a really cute whimsical necklace and gear ring in steampunk style.
So how awesome is this giveaway, especially as it's open internationally? Yay Varnish Vixen!


  1. New members! I love your blog ^^
    If you want me to go look with pleasure in my members. Kiss from Italy! Annamaria.

  2. Thanks so much for joining Annamaria! I'm glad you like my blog :D I'll check out your blog.