Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NOTD: Revlon Ruby Ribbon

Revlon Ruby Ribbon came out in the Suede Rhapsody collection for Fall 2010. Personally I think this colours are better winter ones, but either way I'm quite fond of this colour. As soon as I saw it I thought 'Autumn Berry', which exemplifies this perfectly. It's a lovely dark red-purple with a subtle pink-red shimmer throughout. As this is a suede it has a matte finish and personally I don't like matte finishes, so I painted this over with a top coat but I took pictures before so you could see both effects.
Pointer and ring fingers with top coat, middle and pinky fingers without
I apologize for not cleaning my fingers up before I took pictures but I was mid-way through painting and wanted to finish with the polish part first.
With Top Coat
(look at this picture bigger to see the awesome shimmer!)
I really adore the subtle shimmer in this! SO BEAUTIFUL!
In the dark I mean, shade :D
(Aka my crappy bedroom lighting)
Overall I like this polish. If you have a steady hand you could easily get one coat out of this but most of these are two coats. I'm on my second full day with it (I tend to paint my nails at night) and I only have very mild tip wear. I think it's a perfect rich holiday colour like the berries we're starting to see on quite a few bushes this time of year as Canada prepares for winter. Perfect mix between burgundy and eggplant purple. If only I could find an eyeliner this colour it would be perfect for bringing out green in my eyes.

Sprite Rating: 9/10- For the price it's a great polish, even if you do have to add a top coat. The wear is great, mine lasted about 5 days before it started to chip though I had pretty significant tip-wear by that point. I especially love how this polish sparkles lilac and magenta in the sunlight. So pretty!

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