Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NOTD: Eyeko Pastel and Revlon Cuticle Remover Mini Review

Pastel Polish by Eyeko was one of the best yet by the brand. It's new out and this light baby blue really makes me look tanned! A lovely colour for any time of the year! If you look closely in the picture near the light reflection on the bottle you'll see the faintest shimmer of medium blue. This is not a trick of the light! This polish has a truly lovely iridescence running through it making it much more awesome than the average baby blue cream. 
Bright light
This polish applied better than the others and though shown is two coats certain spots could have done better with three. I got barely any tip wear until about two days later and the polish lasted until I took it off after five days. Needless to say this "Nice Nails" polish impressed me!

Sprite Rating: 8/10- Needs three coats really and there isn't much in the bottle but it's a great unique colour.

Something to keep in mind, there are different places to order Eyeko from. Of course it's up to you where you order from (or if you order at all), but I didn't have a good experience with Eyeko's customer service. Just a FYI.
I just bought this at my local Zellars because my cuticles are always in bad condition and it was bothering me. I hate knowing people are out there looking at my polish swatches going "Sheesh, her cuticles are a mess! I can't believe she calls herself a cosmetics blogger!" Thus I decided I would try the cuticle remover by Revlon. It doesn't really remove your cuticles so much as allow them to easily to be pushed back with an orange stick (or in my case my thumb nails!). I did notice my second cuticles or the really thin layer of skin that grows beneath the main cuticle went away with some rubbing and a couple applications of this stuff. I had to apply about four coats to my cuticles and wait a bit to notice a softening but as this stuff is really quite thin that's alright with me, especially as it wasn't too expensive. Overall I would say it helps but it isn't a miracle worker by any means. It didn't really have a strong scent that I noticed so that's a plus.

Sprite Rating: 6/10- Need quite a bit to get it to work and it doesn't do a whole bunch but it does work to a small extent and I'm still glad I got it.


  1. This is a really pretty color! I stumbled onto your blog b/c I was looking for Guerlain reviews...hurray! Another Canadian blogger :)

    Anyway-I do have a question-where do you get your eyeko nailpolishes?

  2. I ordered them from the Eyeko website, but I had issues with their customer service, I know both Urban Outfitters sells them and does too. Yay for Canadian bloggers! We seem to be a rare breed :D

  3. The colour is so fresh! Makes me dream of warmer weather....could use the thought now that we're heading into another Canadian winter...brrr! My fave way to keep up with my cuticles is to use an orange stick or a great tool made by Tweezerman, immediately after I shower. The heat helps to soften them up and makes the job so much easier! Hope it helps & another "yay" for us Canadian bloggers!!! Great job!

  4. Thanks so much for the tip Eugenia! I'll def. try that! I completely agree the colour is very uplifting, especially now that it's November (yuck). Thanks so much for your comment :D

  5. I really like this color! Maybe it can be a substitute for the new Channel color that is coming out and is rumored to cost $39!!!!

  6. I certainly hope it's a dupe if the Chanel one costs $39 USD! That's crazy!