Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vex Eyeshadow as a Nail Polish NOTD

My nails broke pretty badly so I had to cut them down to super nubbins. Oh well. I did finally get a creative wave yesterday when I decided to try something I saw through Temptalia using pigments for nail polish. However, since Vex is one of my all time favourite eyeshadows I wanted to use it as the potential polish colour.
Indoor Cool Light
What I did was paint as normal one coat of Gelous base coat on all my nails (and let dry) then I went along and painted each nail again in Gelous and let dry for about 5 seconds. I then took a make-up brush loaded it with Vex eyeshadow and press/patted it down all over the nail. This had a most definite learning curve to it! Sweeping tended to drag the base coat off, as did not waiting long enough, but wait too long and the shadow won't stick!
Indoor Warm Light
When I finally managed it I got a really beautiful plush satin finish from the powder, but I knew that wouldn't wear well at all so I went over all my nails afterwards with my China Glaze Quick Dry Top Coat. It made them a beautiful almost mother of pearl finish. I love this eyeshadow as it's a grey with a slight green tinge that reflects gold-pink. Its subtle and neutral but oh so pretty and no matter the light I'm in it's stunning and different. I'm overall very happy with this, though the application process was sort of tedious. What do you think? Fail or Win?

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  1. it's a win for the nail polish color. that is such a unique, feminine shade.