Sunday, January 29, 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills- Matte eyeshadow swatches

When I was asking around about people's favourite matte eyeshadow formula, Anastasia Beverly Hills was one that was brought up again and again. And I've never tried them! So I decided I needed to rectify this immediately and went off to swatch and play with these at Sephora.

Each shade below was on my bare skin, with the pigment built up on my finger than swatched in the same spot twice.

L-R: Baby Cakes, Buon Fresco, Stone, Fawn, Ash Brown, Burnt Orange
L-R: Burnt Orange, Sienna, Noir, Custard, Warm Taupe, Caramel, Hot Chocolate, Smoke
L-R: Dusty Rose, Fresh, Birkin, Blazing, Orange Soda, Red Earth
Overall they are pretty impressive. Some of the shades swatched better than others (generally the darker shades were better than the lighter ones). Blazing in particular had fantastic pigmentation, as did Burnt Orange, Hot Chocolate and Smoke. Noir the matte black I'd pass on as it wasn't that great in terms of pigmentation and creamy texture.

The only shade they didn't have from the matte shades was deep plum, the whole tester was missing, making me think someone likely swiped it. I did include Dusty Rose in the swatches even though it's labeled a velvet because it didn't have any of the sheen of the other velvet shades- it looks matte to me.

Do you have any of the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows? Any favourites from the line?

Disclaimer: The widget link at the top is an affiliated link. I get five whole cents if you click it. Mainly I'm using it for the nice professional photo.

Interested in seeing more swatches from Anastasia Beverly Hills? You can see the Duochromes from the singles swatched here.

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