Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy~ Review

Let me start this by pretty much summing up the entirety of this review for you. Get off your butt and go buy a tube from Fyrinnae.

Till next time—

Just kidding, of course I will give you the review as I always do.

Fyrinnae is an online e-tailer (online only cosmetics merchant) and the King of Indie cosmetics. Seriously in the indie world these guys are THE best and the epitome of which all other Indie companies strive to become. Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy is a huge reason why this is the case.

The thing of it is Fyrinnae made their Pixie Epoxy (PE) as a sort of face glue to hold their (fantastic) pigments in place and show their full brilliance. Now it is used by the multitudes for a vast assortment of things such as:
  •  Foiling eyeshadows and pigments (makes them as vibrant as if wet)
  • Bringing out the shimmer in dull or less vibrant shades than what you’d hoped they’d be (usually these will look better in the pan than swatched- it’s a hint to try Fyrinnae PE)
  • To make sheerer shades look more opaque (particularly mattes I find)
  • To keep glitter from falling off during the day, and prevent fallout of glitter or shades prone to fallout during application
  • Keep eyeshadows from fading over the course of the day
  • Keep eyeshadows on your face better if you have a tendency to touch your eyes >raises hand guility and then points to allergies< 

The only thing PE doesn’t do is prevent creasing so you’ll need a thin layer of eyeshadow primer before you apply it.

PE is a white-translucent gel that comes in a tube with a fine-tipped doe-foot applicator. It is vegan and has no smell. You’ll only need the smallest amount per eye, literally the very tip of the doe-foot. Not the flat part that the deer would walk on but the part where they’d have on the ground if they were to walk on tip-toe. (Yes, I just bombarded you all with an animal analogy, I’m a zoology student. These things are bound to happen. You’ll eventually get used to it, I promise- :D).

Tangents aside, using a finger, spread this small dot of product over your lid and or area you want the shadow to stick. You’ll feel that it’s slightly tacky. It shouldn’t be sticky or heaven forbid gloopy. There is more than enough on the wand for about five people.

After you’ve applied it you can wait a moment for it to dry down a bit- or if your impatient like me, you can just go right ahead and apply your shades. Don’t pat on your pigments/loose powder shadows as normally you would, swipe like you’re applying normal pressed shadows. You’ll notice that the shadows are instantly sticking better to where you but them than normal. Yay. If you need to blend it may take slightly more time than normal due to the underlying stickiness but really that should be expected considering what this product is supposed to do.

Here are some pictures with different eyeshadows by themselves and then with Fyrinnae PE.
L-R: MUA Pearl without base, over PE

L-R: MUA pearl- Wet, Dry, Over PE

L-R: Mac Sumptuous Olive no base, Over PE

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy costs around $7.00 USD for a full tube of 10ml. You can order it online at the Fyrinnae website - if it isn’t working try again a different day, Fyrinnae’s website goes down a lot. (Which is the only downside of the company, how often the website it is down for maintenance).

Overall, I’ve never found anything that does the same, with the same amount of product for such a low price. As well as being vegan. Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy is out of this world and a staple in my life. I do most of my pigment and eyeshadow swatches over this and has changed “meh” eyeshadows to “ya, that’s right I have fantastic eyeshadow that everyone said wasn’t worth it but see- SEE- it totally is!”.  I think that pretty much describes my love don’t you?

Sprite Rating: 10/10. Need I say much more?

Will I buy this again? Yes. In fact I’ll be buying my first ever back-up of any cosmetic product when I order this next time I make a Fyrinnae order. I’m a little under half-finished my first tube and I don’t want to risk running out. 


  1. Great review! I have yet to still pick up Pixie Epoxy. Also, I don't see the pictures you mention in the review but maybe that is just my computer?

  2. @ Mandy, it is a wonderful product. Thanks so much for pointing the lack of pictures out, I can't believe I forgot them! They're up now!

  3. I have this it's great, check out Hi Fi Shadows Fix it's pretty much identical too

  4. Do you have it's email? I couldn't find in it's website

  5. Noniek Fyrinnae is often out of service, I recommend just checking back. Here is the website
    hope this helps!