Friday, September 23, 2011

Haus of Gloi Autumn 2011 Order

L-R: Olde Cider Haus, Saft Ernte, White Raspberry
As many of you know I recently made a Haus of Gloi order when their Fall collection came out. (If you're interested in seeing all the descriptions of the Autumn products you can check out my Post Here.

I've had some time to test out the scents now so I wanted to give you my views on the scents. My order came quickly and was well packaged with a cute little thank-you card and skull linen bag. So I was really pleased about that, plus shipping was extremely reasonable. The customer service was very good too, I asked if I could have Pumpkin Eater as my freebie since I knew one came with every order, and it was originally going to be one of the samples I was going to buy. Not only did they send me Pumpkin Eater,which in samples was only available in the sampler packs, but they sent me Imp free of charge too. You seriously can't ask for better service, and friendly speedy response to your e-mail. 
L-R: Pumpkin Queen, Samhain, Hex, Saft Ernte, Imp, Red Roan,  Pumpkin Eater
As for the scents themselves? The ones I thought I was going to like the most (the large vials) I'm not too sure about.  Here are the scents I got and what I think about them:
  • Olde Cider Haus: I'm on the fence about this one at the moment. It's quite sweet, but it doesn't quite pass the line into too sweet. I do get some wood smell to it which I like but it isn't quite what I expected either. Other people have said they smell the apple right away but I can't smell any apple at all. I do like it and I will wear it just not all the time.
  • Pumpkin Eater: I really love the underlying spices in this one and it has a sweet warmth to it as well. Haven't gotten a chance to wear it for a full day yet but so far I'm tentatively giving it my fall stamp of approval. Makes me think of thanksgiving and my grandmother's pumpkin pie.
  • White Raspberry: Sadly this doesn't smell like raspberries. Instead I get sweet almonds, medicinal-almost children's cough syrup, and a dab of cream. It smells way better on than in the bottle, but I was hoping for something fresher-fruitier if that makes sense. (Not part of the Fall release)
  • Hex: You can almost taste the liquor from the description when you smell Hex. It's got the fruit too for sure but the alcoholic top note is quite strong. I think I'll warm up to this scent the more I'm exposed to it. The one caveat I have about it though is when I put it on my elbows my skin didn't react well to it. It turned red and stung a little. I'm not sure if I was just extra sensitive that day or what but I think I'm going to have to patch test it and see what happens from there.
  • Saft Ernte: This one is just too sweet for me. I don't smell the peaches to it unfortunately, instead I get a strong ambiguous sweet smell with some underlying hazelnut smell. I really wanted to like it but I just can't. I thought if I wore it the smell might fade a bit and change with my body but I had to wash it off before I got to that point.
  • Imp: (Not part of the Autumn release) They included this as a free sample and I am so glad they did. I smelled this and instantly fell in love. It's so fruity and almost bright. Actually my favourite out of all the scents I received, I'll eventually be picking this one up from their core line for sure.
  • Red Roan: This little number took me by surprise. I can remember upon ordering the sample pack I was like huh they've included Red Roan, okay that's cool. It wasn't on my 'must get' list. I actually really like it though. It is most certainly porridge-like with quite a bit of maple syrup in there and a very slight sharp note (for the cognac- which I was surprised that it really balanced it out so well). I really like the feeling it gives me. Reminds me of warm wooly sweaters and country cottages. Can't really smell the strawberries to this at all though. I may pick up a full-size of this one.
  • Samhain: This one is something I don't think would ever have entered the realm of my imagination as a scent to wear. It's very herbal and you definitely get this cold crisp wind sharpness to it at the end. You can certainly smell a bit of wet soil under the herbs too. Really unique. Not something I'd wear very often, but I do like it. 
  • Pumpkin Queen: Much like Saft Ernte this one is too sweet for my tastes and I can't smell the peaches, which makes me sad. Pumpkin Queen I found to be less sweet than Saft Ernte though. You do get soft-hay in it at times too which I think is what makes it more bearable. I've kind of hummed and hawed about whether or not I actually like the scent, but in the end it's just too much. 
Finally (though not a part of the Autumn release) was my small tub of Depravity Body Emulsion. This is quite nice, it really has the lovely Depravity scent to it, and isn't so thin it's runny nor is it too thick that it feels like overkill. I've found that it leaves my legs quite soft when I apply it and the scent does stick around for a bit. I can't say this has done miracles for me, but it is a good quality body moisturizer. (Plus, the gypsy woman on the packaging is adorable).

Have you ordered from Haus of Gloi? Looked into their Autumn collection? What are your thoughts?


  1. I love Pumpkin Eater! It's my fave Autumn gloi scent.

  2. Just speaking from experience as well as owning over 50 Gloi products....the scents smell different depending on the base they are in. For example my Cider Haus pumpkin butter is a blast of Apple from first applying. My Saft Ernte is a strong scent of natural peach juice ( not like fake peach smell) and hazelnut in the cream form. I find all my perfumes smell different then their corresponding body product. Moon dog for example, has much more coconut to it in the products and much more spice in the perfume. Try some of the " on the fence about the scent" smells in alternate product form. You may be surprised !

  3. @ Alex Kay- It's a lovely one!
    @ Rienne- Thanks so much for your advice, sounds like an excellent suggestion! I'll def. look into doing so :D