Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick Swatches!

Lipstick by Sephora at ShopStyle

Recently I have read some recommendations for Sephora's Rouge Cream lipstick formula, which not only comes in an absolute ton of shades but is super pigmented, long lasting and nice feeling. It was recommended by the Cosmetic Cop writer Paula, if anyone knows and likes her reviews. However when I went to see swatches online I couldn't find any! I found a couple reviews saying that the formula was a decent dupe for one of Guerlain's lipsticks, but nothing else. So when I went to Sephora today I made sure I swatched the entire collection for you! (They were missing one tester colour unfortunately but I've swatched every other shade!)
From Bottom to Top: It Girl, Jealous, Decollete, Seduce, 1st Night, Sexy Game, Oh Oh!, Mmmm, Charmer, Charmer, Ingenuous
From Top to Bottom: Bewitch Me, Crush, Chocolate, Intimidate, Courtisane, Passion Red, Hot Tango, The Red, MISSING Valentine, Mr. Lover, Love Test

And here's them all again closer up
From Bottom to Top: Sexy Game, Oh Oh!, Mmmm, Charmer, Charmer, Ingenuous
Top to Bottom: Charmer, Charmer, Mmmm, Oh Oh!, Sexy Game, 1st Night, Seduce
Bottom to Top: Love Test, Mr. Lover, (Missing Valentine), The Red, Hot Tango, Passion Red
Top to Bottom: Bewitch Me (a very dark purple- purpler than it looks here), Crush, Chocolate, Intimidate, Courtisane, Passion Red, Hot Tango, The Red (small stripe on bottom)
Bottom to Top: It Girl, Jealous, Decollete, Seduce, 1st Night, Sexy Game

Just from swatching I can say without question that these are super pigmented and creamy. So pigmented and long lasting in fact that the wouldn't come off all the way with liberal make-up remover! I still have impressions of most of the shades on my arms! I can also say that the shade descriptions Sephora has of the products are fairly off. No way should Jealous be described as Peachy Pink and shown beside a peach swatch, this baby is bright almost neon watermelon! I think the range of colours is good and they seemed fairly consistent in pigmentation and creamyness across the entire range. All the swatches shown are one swipe of the product.

Some of the reds reminded me of similar Nars lipstick colours so I swatched a few Nars ones to compare.

The top 3 from left to right are Nars lipstick in Red Lizard, Jungle Red and Heat Wave.
The Bottom 3 from top to bottom are Sephora Rouge Cream lipstick in Hot Tango, It Girl, Jealous.

It was actually easier to remove the Nars lipsticks than the Sephora ones. I know the next time I'm looking for a colour in particular I think I may try one from this range as the shades look quite nice and the pigmentation is really rich.


  1. hi, i cant find the missing valentine in sephora rouge cream lipstick

  2. Hi, Anonymous- thanks for your comment. The lipstick should just be called Valentine. I couldn't find it either but there was a spot for it at my Sephora so that's why I left a space for it. I hope that helps!

  3. I've the "First Night", and it's very beautiful ! It's now my favorite lipstick, actually. You can put it on a lip balm, with your finger, the day. It's pretty cute. And the night, directly on the lips, it makes a sexiest effect. And my boyfriend likes this color, so...! I really recommend it to all the girls ! :) (Kisses from France, I love your blog. I know some girls who read it too, there, and they enjoy it !)

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment! It's wonderful to hear I have some French fans! Also great to hear that the Sephora lipstick works so well for you :D Take care!

  4. I just wanted to thank you for the swatch of Bewitch Me - no one has swatches for this line and some of the colors are hard to find in stores. I've been on the hunt for a very vampy purple and I think that'll do nicely - especially since they seem to be discontinuing it!

    I already have Passion Red (my favorite red lipstick of all time - it's exactly what I've always wanted MAC reds to be,) Ingenuous (very comparable to MAC Viva Glam Gaga II,) Crush 23 (very berry, more pink than I expected,) Love Test (similar to NARS Schiap/MAC Girl About Town,) and The Red (lighter than Passion Red, my 'weak' red, reminds me of an Estee Lauder red I had years ago.) There don't seem to be any blind spots in pigmentation or staying power. If I really need something to be bulletproof, I layer it over waterproof liner and one of Sephora's Cream Stains.

  5. I got these lipsticks yesterday and it's excellent

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