Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Urban Decay New Palettes!

The Dangerous Palette- Urban Decay Facebook Page
Urban Decay is releasing 3 new palettes soon, The Dangerous Palette (with an awesome snake on the front), The Fun Palette and The Feminine Palette. Here are some of the sneak peak pictures Urban Decay just released!
The Dangerous Palette- Urban Decay Facebook page (Hint: look in the mirror)
First up is The Dangerous Palette that has six shades and a liner. I don't have the names yet but the shades are a turquoise shimmer, a mossy green shimmer, a matte beige, a shimmery gunmetal grey, shimmery dark plum and a black. NOTE that the finishes are my best guesses so they may be different than what I've stated here and in the rest of the palettes!
The Fun Palette- from Urban Decay Facebook
The Fun Palette- Urban Decay Facebook
Even less information available about this one, though the skulls, chains and strawberries pattern on the packaging is one I've never seen anything remotely like before. Inside in the same set up as The Dangerous Palette with 6 shadows and a pencil liner is a shimmery strawberry pink, a midtone brown shimmer (possibly Smog) and a glittery silver white (possibly Uzi). No clue for the other shades though, sorry!
The Feminine Palette- Urban Decay Facebook
Last but not least is the Feminine palette starring purples, silvers and feathers.
The Feminine Palette- Urban Decay Facebook
Included in this palette is the neutral midtone brown shimmer Stray Dog, the light pink shimmer SWF, the beige-pink shimmery glitter shade Midnight Cowboy, light shimmery Turquoise Aquarius, dark shimmery brown Darkhorse and shimmery purple with a subtle pink reflect Ecstasy. Also included is the Zero 24/7 pencil liner (black).

What do you think? Any of these strike your fancy? I personally love the themes and details on them, even the fun palette though it's not to my taste.


  1. I think they all look great! Thanks for this post xx

  2. I wondered about these but I don't need anymore I?