Friday, February 11, 2011

Review: LUSH It's Raining Men Body Wash

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I'm sure most of you have heard about this shower gel/ shampoo by now. Normally, I'm not much of a Lush person. I've bought from them twice in my entire life, and though they are a lovely brand, it's super expensive and not easy to get ahold of, not to mention quite a few of their smells (mostly the florals) tend to ignite allergic reactions in me (i.e trouble breathing, headaches, nose irritation). This body wash however, I am extremely glad I took the plunge and bought as it is a little slice of heaven in a body wash.

The large bottle cost me about $30 CND (ouch) which is way way more than I normally would consider buying for a body wash. It's also a colour I normally wouldn't be attracted to, but it does lok soothing like honey and milk blended together. However, the smell! Oh the wonderful smell! Though Lush says that it is the same scent of their Honey I Washed the Kids soap, it isn't in my opinion. Yes it has a honey base still but then it has a bloom of beautiful sweet florals that don't irritate my allergies. To die for great! Like what I think a summer garden that inhabits fairies would smell.

On top of this smell (that I literally couldn't stop using- I washed my hair with my normal shampoo than again with this so I could have lingering scent in my hair after the shower- didn't work but was worth a try), this lathered really really well. I used a dime size amount on a loofah for almost my entire body. I needed very little to get amazing suds in my hair too. It's almost indecent how wonderfully this lathers, but I love it! Plus as my skin has been pretty dry lately, the honey (which is the first ingredient and therefore the largest amount in this product!) is a great addition, my skin doesn't feel nearly as dry coming out of the shower, yet I'm still really clean (no residue!). I still need a moisturizer after the shower, but my skin doesn't feel as tight as it did normally. Also to take into account, it does have a foaming agent in this, which personally doesn't bother me (I like foaming things!) but I know that others of you out there don't, so it is something to keep in mind. With how little I need of this (and the bottle is full to the very top!) it's going to last a really really long time, which makes me feel better about the price. As a bonus the name is catchy, so much so my poor roommate had to hear me singing the tune in the shower. (I'm part of the Facebook group "Why yes, I do frequently burst out into song", I know strange, but I can't help it!).

In fact I love this so much I want it as a perfume. Like reallllllly badly. And a moisturizer. A candle would be nice too, but firstly a perfume. PLEASE!

Overall rating: 9/10- Only one point off due to price. (I adore the scent, the lather, the amount, and the fact it's vegetarian.)

Would I buy it again? Yes I totally would, but since it's Limited Edition I don't think I'll be able to, which sucks. (Check your local LUSH store if you get a chance- mine had a bunch of bottles left so it's worth a look!).


  1. Great review!
    Im a new follower :) I found you through Small Beauty Blogs...Ive just signed up for it too...
    much love xxx

  2. @ Lila Loves: Yay! Another small beauty blogger! I'm glad you enjoyed my review and I'll check out your blog too! :D

  3. I've heard this smells lovely, a little like Honey I Washed The Kids! Must be lovely, since I'm a fan of the solid soap (=

  4. @ Gaby- I smelt the soap when I was in the shop, and it was wonderful as well! A bit more of a carmel tinge to it but still really lovely. Makes me want to eat honeycomb! Yum yum. :D