Friday, February 4, 2011

Sensepil Silk'n Update

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Hello, everyone, I know I've taken a long time to come back to this but that's mostly my fault at being easily distracted rather than my views on the machine.
I've finished my first light cartridge which is about 6 treatments for me for all of my legs, bikini line and underarms. I've been using it on the highest setting which has been fine, no pain at all just a slight warm sensation. It is also really quick and easy to use as well and does store in the box well when not in use.

I've started to notice some small patches of hair on my legs that grow back more slowly than the rest though I've not seen any improvement in my underarms. The hair on my legs does grow back the slightest bit slower too. I'm hopeful with more treatments at the highest level I'll see more improvement. At the moment though I haven't seen a $50 difference. I'll be starting my next lamp cartridge this weekend so I'll keep you posted. Sorry there isn't much to update with

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