Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cult Nails Scandalous~ Swatch & Review

I recently indulged in the Cult Nails $5 sale and Scandalous was one of the shades I purchased. It is such a bright shade. I described it to my mother as electric coral flamingo. The polish is a Jelly finish so there is visible nail line but depending on the amount of layers you use the noticeability of nail line varies.
The strange thing about this polish is how much it changes depending on the light your in. Sometimes it's quite peach other times very orange, and others more pinky. 

 The formula on this is pretty good. I used four coats as I prefer a more opaque look but you could use less. I found it needed at least two though because otherwise my nails just looked yellow and unhealthy. It has lasted very well as do most of the Cult Nails polishes do. However, I just don't like the colour on me. No fault really of the polish, it's just too bright and warm for me.

Overall, a good but bright jelly polish. Needs at least two to three coats to take away yellowness but does go away. Excellent lasting ability.

Sprite Rating: 8/10- Lost points for needing 4 coats to satisfy my coverage needs. Plus it's just way too bright for me. (Not really the polish's fault)

Would I Buy It Again? No. I like the formula but the colour just isn't for me.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Venomous Cosmetics Dr. Suess Collection swatches

I know it has been a long time and I apologize for that but sometimes real life takes over and demands attention. Here is a recent order I made to Venomous Cosmetics. Tracy the owner is such a pleasure to work with when I asked her about possibly getting one of her limited edition shades she wasn't selling anymore. It's Wilted Roses a gorgeous darkened red with blue shimmer. I tried to press it but something went wrong and it isn't working quite right so I'm glad that I still have half a jar of it loose.
T-B: Wilted Roses loose, Wilted Roses pressed, Solar Flare, Buttered Battle 
T-B: Wilted Roses pressed and loose

 Now up to the Dr. Suess collection. I loved Dr. Suess as a child, such a talented author. Here is what I got.
Truffula Tuft Lip Poison (gloss)
Truffula Tuft is a lovely spring shade, slightly coral-pink and neutral enough for most looks. Love the formula as normal.

T-B: Pair of Pale Green Pants with Nobody Inside 'Em, Solar Flare, Buttered Battle, Sea Krait

T-B: Buttered Battle, Sea Krait, Supernova

T-B: Wilted Roses (pressed), Wilted Roses (loose), Song of the Swomee Swans (loose), Pair of Pale Green Pants With Nobody Inside 'Em (loose)
So the colours didn't seem to like my camera much. The base of Wilted Roses came out right but there is a whole bunch of turquoise shimmer at least in the loose version.
Song of the Swomee Swans is slightly more purple than it is here.
Pair of Pale Green Pants With Nobody Inside 'Em has the shimmer right but is more of a mint shade.
Sea Krait is part of the main line and is brighter in real life but Supernova is about right (also part of the main line).
Solar Flare, and Buttered Battle actually came out true to colour. As did Trufulla Tuft.

So sorry on the fail in colours here, I tried, I really did. I am really glad I got Buttered Battle eyeshadow and Trufulla Tuft lip gloss, as well as Wilted Roses eyeshadow as it's so unique.

Hopefully this will at least give you a sense of the colours.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cult Nails $5 Sale (NOW GO GO GO!)

A quick update because Cult Nails is having an awesome half price sale. You can buy up to 3 polishes for only $5 each (excluding the limited edition colours) with the code FB5K. Totally worth it as the polishes from the company are my favourite formula (and I've got a bunch of different companies polishes lol). So, if you have ever been interested in trying Cult Nails now is the time to try them! I purchased Scandalous, Vicious and Let Me Fly.
If you want to see some swatches of Cult Nails polishes I've got Time Traveller (a dark blue jelly), Get it On and Wicked Fast (the best base and top coats I've ever tried), Living Water (a dark teal with light blue shimmer), and Iconic (a gorgeous rose with gold flakies).

Happy Shopping (and I'm going back to studying- blah.)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Orly Pixie Dust~ Review

Just two weeks left until I'm done the semester! Thanks to anyone that has been so patient about my absence, I really do appreciate it. Here is a quick nail polish review to hopefully hold you over.

I've had this polish forever it seems then I got distracted by other polishes, then I lost it and finally I have found it again for review! Orly Pixie Dust (which is an awesome name in my opinion) is a lovely grey-lavender colour with blue undertones. It has little glass flecks that are almost silver throughout making it have a very pretty subtle shimmer.

It isn't a blow your socks off shade like a holographic or magnetic polish but I do really enjoy the subtleness that this provides. It's a demure not too in your face shade that is very wearable in my opinion. Depending on the lighting it can look grey, lavender or blue which is an interesting effect as it isn't duochrome at all.
Full Sun

Full Sun
The formula on this one was pretty good it was easy to apply but slightly sheer. It took 3 coats though some nails could have used a thin fourth one. It had decent lasting power too but most of my polishes last half decent now that I use Cult Nails base and top coat so I can't really comment on that with accuracy.
Full Sun

Full Sun

Natural Light Indoors

Natural Light Indoors

Natural Light Indoors
Natural Light Indoors
Overall, Orly Pixie Dust is a pretty shade but not one your really need to hunt down like I did. I like the polish and I'll use it but seeing as this was recommended to me as one of Orly's must have polishes I don't think it is that noteworthy.

Sprite Rating: 7/10 It's a pretty colour and the glass fleck throughout is nice but it is quite sheer so you have to build it up to get it opaque. The formula was about average for a nail polish in other respects not too difficult to work with but not extremely easy either.

Would I Buy it again? Taking into consideration shipping charges and other similar colours I own I would have to say no. While I do like the colour I think there are better formulas out there.