Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cult Nails $5 Sale (NOW GO GO GO!)

A quick update because Cult Nails is having an awesome half price sale. You can buy up to 3 polishes for only $5 each (excluding the limited edition colours) with the code FB5K. Totally worth it as the polishes from the company are my favourite formula (and I've got a bunch of different companies polishes lol). So, if you have ever been interested in trying Cult Nails now is the time to try them! I purchased Scandalous, Vicious and Let Me Fly.
If you want to see some swatches of Cult Nails polishes I've got Time Traveller (a dark blue jelly), Get it On and Wicked Fast (the best base and top coats I've ever tried), Living Water (a dark teal with light blue shimmer), and Iconic (a gorgeous rose with gold flakies).

Happy Shopping (and I'm going back to studying- blah.)


  1. Oh gosh, why do awesome sales have to happen when I'm trying to save money?!

  2. @Mandy- I know exactly what you mean! It always happens to me!

  3. Don't you just love the base and top coats? In a Trance is my favorite Cult Nails polish. ♥

    1. @Pointless Cafe- I adore both the base and top coats- I don't use anything else anymore! And I really love Iconic actually. Normally I'm not a red/berry person but that one is just stunning!