Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sephora OPI Spring~ Urban Ballerina Collection

Nail Polish by Sephora at ShopStyle

Sephora OPI's spring collection has just been released and it's theme is a pretty modern ballet one! Called Urban Ballerina the collection brings to mind downtown city performances and classic ballet. I am actually quite intrigued despite the fact I'm neither a fan of charcoals or pinks! Here is the swatches Sephora's website provided.

First up is Break A Leg Warmer, an opaque Charcoal Grey which most likely has a cream finish. Most certainly reminds me of city lofts and architecture!

Leotard Optional is a nude shade, described as an opaque mocha beige. It also likely has a cream finish, and defiantly looks like the body suits in some ballet performances.

Let's Plie is described as an opaque metallic light beige, though it's a very pinked beige in my opinion. I think it looks like the satin finish of pointe shoes. Can't wait to see a swatch of this!

Shiny Dancer is another metallic though this one reminds me more of actual metals. Sephora describes it as an opaque slate with fine iridescent glitter that from the swatch looks silver in colour. Not too unique but interesting.

Comparing the bottle image and this swatch I'm fairly sure one of these is off in colour by quite a bit. Either way though The Way Tutu His Heart is a typical ballet colour, opaque light pink. How light and how purple-pink or yellow-pink the actual colour is, is yet to be determined as the two colours don't match (at least to me!)

Who's Spinning Tonight is my favourite from the collection, though I'm a sucker for purples and this royal purple with shimmer is lovely! Sephora calls it an opaque metallic true grape and doesn't it look lovely? *drool*

So what do you think? I like the way they chose the colours for the collection and the theme even if the colours themselves aren't super unique. What do you think? If you want to take a look or order the polishes on the Sephora website ($9 USD, $12 CND) click on the bottle of The Way Tutu His Heart below to take you to the page. Or there is the mini set of four at the top for $18 USD. :D

Nail Polish by Sephora at ShopStyle
P.S. I just heard that  The Polish A Holic has swatches of the mini set of this collection up as well as the Sephora Glee collection if you're interested :D

Friday, January 28, 2011

NYX Pick Me Up!

I don't know about the rest of you but I've had an awful week. I know I could certainly use a pick me up and what better than something small, inexpensive and still good? I have a couple NYX eyeshadows but after seeing these swatches by Asphyxiation on MUA, and then getting permission to show you guys all the NYX eyeshadows, well I want more! (Especially because she was so sweet and helpful!) Here's the guide! (All images are by Asphyxiation, she did such a wonderful job! Be sure to look at them full size, you can really see all the subtle differences and finishes that way!)
NYX's Charcoals, Greys, Browns, Nudes and Blacks
Browns, Yellows, Oranges, Pinks, Reds
Greens and Blues
Blues, Purples, Pinks

Isn't that amazing?! If you want to look at anything closer just click the images. There are so many colours that really grab me, especially some of the mattes! I never knew NYX had matte shadows too! I was also astounded by some of the colours NYX has decided to discontinue recently, especially Ballerina, Red Bean, October Sky, and Spring Green as these are popular colours (and ones I want *tears*!)
The two I own are Apricot Moose (A pretty soft slightly frosty peach) and taupe (which I use for contouring).
Asphyxia has her recommendations too if you're interested.
Her favourites are:
  • Black
  • Smokie Mountain
  • White Pearl
  • Skin
  • Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Deep Brown
  • Yellow Marigold
  • Yellow Funk
  • Golden Orange
  • Extreme Apricot
  • Light Green
  • Summer Green
  • Exotic Green
  • Mermaid Green
  • Ocean
  • Autumn Sky
  • Navy Blue
  • Lanikai
  • Purple
  • Violetta
  • Jazze Pink
The one she doesn't recommend is Hot Yellow (Shade name doesn't appeal to me either!) If you want to check out Asphyxia's YouTube you can do so here (She has all of them up as a YouTube video too!) What do you think? Any NYX shades that you want or ones that you  have and really like? Let me know!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lorac Spring Releases!

Eye Shadow by LORAC at ShopStyle

Hello everyone! I just wanted to quickly say thank-you to all of my followers! I recently passed 50 which is huge for me so thank-you to everyone!
To the more interesting things! Lorac has just released a bunch of awesome looking things for Spring and the above palette is one of them! The Multiplex 3D eyeshadow palette is a really great looking palette filled with duochrome eyeshadows (and one with holographic glitter)! I love duochrome shadows, they happen to be my favourite and they always look great on as it always looks like you've done more work applying eyeshadow colours than you actually have. The palette is limited edition and has a faux-animal skin cover to it in blue. The six colours shown are a gold with a pink reflect, Amber-Bronze with a gold reflect, a Mac Club dupe (Red-Brown with green reflect), Silver with white reflect, Royal blue with electric blue reflect, and a Midnight black with holographic glitter. Doesn't that sound lovely even if most of us already own one of the many multitudes of Club that all the brands seem to have come out with? According to Sephora it is worth $108 USD but as always the palette is significantly less at $38 USD. Looks like a great palette to be used all year round to me as there are shades there that can work in multiple seasons.

Lip Gloss by LORAC at ShopStyle

They've also released a new shade of the Multiplex 3D lipglosses in this set of two. I love the three shades of this that I have as they smell good, are really unique shade-wise and are non-sticky! The new shade is a bubblegum pink with 3D glitter (never seen 3D glitter but it sounds interesting) called 4D and 3D the rose-bronze shade that also has 3D glitter. The set costs $28 USD are the two glosses are full size which is a good deal if you like both colours are normally the glosses cost $22 USD each.

Makeup by LORAC at ShopStyle

This is a product of which I've not seen anything similar to before. Called 3D liquid lustre Lorac states this is a "shimmering top coat for the eyes or cheeks". Not too sure how you'd go about using it but it sure looks opalescent! It's supposed to be safe for contact wearers as well and is actually a liquid. Sephora goes onto say that it's a "long lasting liquid shimmer [that] can be applied over eyeshadow or worn alone on eyes or cheeks for prismatic, three dimensional sparkle and shine." It's sparked my interest enough to want to check it out at least! The vial contains 0.17 oz and costs $16 USD, it's also only available in the shade shown.

Mascara by LORAC at ShopStyle

Also for eyes is a new mascara called Multiplex 3D Lashes Volumizing and Thickening Mascara. Only in black though so I'm not sure how that is supposed to be 'Multiplex'. They state it's smudge-resistant and build-able as well as being nourishing to the lashes while still providing "Maximum coverage and length". The packaging has holographic lettering on it which you can't see in the above photo unfortunately so it at least looks glitzy! It holds 0.43 oz and costs $22 USD.

Eyeliner by LORAC at ShopStyle

Sephora also says this Waterproof 3-in-1 Eyeliner Pencil is new as well. It comes with a smudger, a sharpener and it's retractable all while being toted to have an intense creamy application. Like all twist ups though it only holds 0.02 oz of product and still costs $18 USD. It does come in three colours though Aubergine (royal purple), Chocolate (Brown) and Ultra Black.

Though not new, has anyone tried the Lorac Creamy Brow pencil?

Eyebrow Enhancers by LORAC at ShopStyle

I want to try it (they have an Auburn shade!) as my current brow pencil reacts badly with my skin, but I don't know too much about it. Sephora doesn't have much of a description. Any comments good or bad on it? (Other than the insane $19 USD price tag?) Any other brow products in Auburn to try?

What do you think of Lorac's new offerings?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Purple Rain of Eyeshadows (And a Magenta)

I got bored in my attempt to avoid doing physics work and decided to swatch all my purple eyeshadows! I also included my one magenta almost purple eyeshadow just because. All the shades are pretty true to life so I hope you enjoy!
Bottom to Top: Mac Silverwear, Make Up For Ever Star Powder in 90942 or white-purple, Wet n' Wild Sugar Plum Fairy Palette (WnW SPFP) Top Left, WnW SPFP Middle Left, WnW Color Icon Single Kitten, Urban Decay Asphyxia
WnW Kitten, Urban Decay Asphyxia, Almay Gree Eyes Trio Purple shade, Mac To the Ball, Clinique Violet Ice Duo Dark Purple shade, Kat von D Groupie
Bottom to Top: Almay Green Eyes Trio Purple Shade, Mac To The Ball (more purple in real life),  Clinique Violet Ice Duo dark purple shade, Kat Von D Groupie, MUA Shade 9, Urban Decay Ecstacy
Bottom to Top: Mac Plum Dressing, Gosh Jamaica Quad Purple Shade, Mac Altered State, WnW SPFP Darkest purple shade, Mac Magic Moor
What do you think? Do you like purple eyeshadows? I love purple with my hazel eyes as it brings out the green in them! Any questions feel free to comment and I'll try to respond ASAP!

Friday, January 21, 2011

NOTD: Color Club Snakeskin

Please ignore the messed up thumb, look at the beauty of the polish in the bottle instead :P
It's been awhile since I've shown a nail polish post so I thought I'd upload my current favourite! This little is by Color Club (which means they don't cost much and they are vegan as well!) and called Snakeskin (Number 901). And honestly this colour is stunning! Metallic silvered green with gold and silver micro-shimmer. To me it honestly has the feel of some sort of reptile in a swamp, which is great as I'm taking a Herpetology class this semester! (Herpetology is the study of reptiles and amphibians :D) I think this color is really unique, I love the fact that it has some variation to it because of the gold and silver shimmer so it looks really reptilian! 
This polish not only looks really cool but the formula is awesome! Just as good as Revvvolution (Shown in this post!) you really can pull off only one coat with both of these two Color Club polishes I've tried. Though I did two coats in the photos, Snakeskin applies smoothly and without brushstrokes. (Quite a few of my nails are messed up in this manicure, but it's not due to the polish, rather the Top Coat I used. I'm on the last dregs of my favourite China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat and it has gone thick. In combination with not enough on my brush most times I destroyed most of the nails. *pout*)
Close-up to see the awesome shimmer!
Overall Rating: 10/10 This polish is amazing in my opinion. Great formula, Unique colour, Vegan and Cruelty-free brand and costs under $5 a bottle. Fantastic!

Would I buy this again? YES! Yes, yes yes! There is honestly nothing I dislike about this polish!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer~ Review

I've been meaning to do this review for about six months so I'm glad I finally got around to it! Mainly this is because my skin is finally nice enough to wear a lighter covering foundation/Tinted Moisturizer and because I've been crazy busy with school and have been lazy so applying this has been my go to option for the last little while. 
Face Tinted Moisturizers by Laura Mercier at ShopStyle

Laura Mercier Oil-Free tinted moisturizer I originally bought to go on my trip to Africa with as it is something that has an SPF of 20 built into it as well as having as good of coverage as most sheer or light foundations. On me it certainly does reduce the appearance or completely hide my reddness or acne marks (depending on how bad they are) though for any active pimple or spot you're going to need concealer for sure. 
I figured showing you a swatch was pretty much useless as the colour Porcelain matches my skin perfectly (if a smidge pink). I like how you don't need very much to cover your entire face and I also like that it spreads easily. The tinted moisturizer doesn't feel greasy or heavy on at all and gives a natural youthful slight dewy finish. This dewy finish is great for winter I've found as my skin is quite dry lately, though in the summer with my oily skin I need to powder otherwise the dewy migrates into oily. I find the packaging easy to use and very convenient for traveling as no brushes are needed (I apply with my fingers). Honestly the SPF is a big one for me as most days I don't feel like adding yet another layer to my face so having it in another product is great for me. 
Unfortunately, the news is not all good and like most things this Tinted Moisturizer has some down sides. I really dislike the smell of this. It fades quickly (Thank God!) but it's pungent and in your face and chemically. I'm almost positive it's the SPF in the product that causes the smell but this one is worse than most. This also costs a pretty penny at $42 USD for 1.7 oz of product. And though this doesn't cause any break-outs for me and is oil-free I find that unless you have fairly calm skin that only needs some subtle evening out of tone this won't be enough coverage for you and it won't control oil at all. 
Even on my oily skin though it does last all day. There are 10 shades available and due to sheerness I would think that most people will find a match in their skin shade and undertone. 

Sprite Rating: 8/10 
I like the product and it does a good job but I need more coverage usually and it doesn't work on my oily skin in the summer time though it's perfect for winter. The smell also bothers me but I do have a perfect shade match!

Would I buy this again? Though I would be reluctant to purchase based on the price and the fact I really can't wear this year round I think I would purchase it again. I like the finish and the light weight of it as well as the sun protection. Plus it's hard to get this good of a match to my skin colour!