Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sephora OPI Spring~ Urban Ballerina Collection

Nail Polish by Sephora at ShopStyle

Sephora OPI's spring collection has just been released and it's theme is a pretty modern ballet one! Called Urban Ballerina the collection brings to mind downtown city performances and classic ballet. I am actually quite intrigued despite the fact I'm neither a fan of charcoals or pinks! Here is the swatches Sephora's website provided.

First up is Break A Leg Warmer, an opaque Charcoal Grey which most likely has a cream finish. Most certainly reminds me of city lofts and architecture!

Leotard Optional is a nude shade, described as an opaque mocha beige. It also likely has a cream finish, and defiantly looks like the body suits in some ballet performances.

Let's Plie is described as an opaque metallic light beige, though it's a very pinked beige in my opinion. I think it looks like the satin finish of pointe shoes. Can't wait to see a swatch of this!

Shiny Dancer is another metallic though this one reminds me more of actual metals. Sephora describes it as an opaque slate with fine iridescent glitter that from the swatch looks silver in colour. Not too unique but interesting.

Comparing the bottle image and this swatch I'm fairly sure one of these is off in colour by quite a bit. Either way though The Way Tutu His Heart is a typical ballet colour, opaque light pink. How light and how purple-pink or yellow-pink the actual colour is, is yet to be determined as the two colours don't match (at least to me!)

Who's Spinning Tonight is my favourite from the collection, though I'm a sucker for purples and this royal purple with shimmer is lovely! Sephora calls it an opaque metallic true grape and doesn't it look lovely? *drool*

So what do you think? I like the way they chose the colours for the collection and the theme even if the colours themselves aren't super unique. What do you think? If you want to take a look or order the polishes on the Sephora website ($9 USD, $12 CND) click on the bottle of The Way Tutu His Heart below to take you to the page. Or there is the mini set of four at the top for $18 USD. :D

Nail Polish by Sephora at ShopStyle
P.S. I just heard that  The Polish A Holic has swatches of the mini set of this collection up as well as the Sephora Glee collection if you're interested :D


  1. Ahh...something draws me to the Leotard Optional! x_x

  2. I'll second that: Leotard Optional looks gorgeous! I'll definitely be on the lookout for it.

  3. Just a heads up, OPI was sold to Coty, who aren't cruelty free.

  4. @ Jessi- Coty has said though that no animal testing will be occurring with OPI, that they would be keeping the old procedures. It's the same as The Body Shop who doesn't but it owned by L'Oreal who does. Thanks though!