Monday, August 15, 2011

High Voltage Cosmetics~ Norse Mythology Collection Swatches Part 2

The sample baggies
There has been a TON of crap flying around about this company lately and I'm not going to get into it. However, I did just receive the rest of the Norse Mythology collection by HVC because in my previous order at least one sample was missing. Jasmine the owner when I got ahold of her (her e-mail gmail automatically spammed my hotmail account e-mails) offered to send me the rest of the set as I wasn't sure which ones I was missing.

Onto the swatches!

Click the picture to see the swatches larger!
T-B: Mani & Sol, Njord, Mjolnir, Magni, Rind, Saga, Aegir, Glitnir, Gullveig, Valkyries, Frorgyrn, Modi
Sorry for only one picture, I thought I had taken more. The shades are lovely, very well pigmented and some are subtle beautiful duochromes. Here are some colour descriptions.

  • Mani & Sol: Grass green with a beautiful gold duochrome
  • Njord: Doesn't look that spectacular in this photo but it is the nicest softest light blue-grey
  • Mjolnir: Olive green-gold or antique gold
  • Magni: Another stunner that really didn't look like it was going to be anything special in the baggie. In fact it looked black in the bag. It's a really stunning purple with royal blue shimmer. Fantastically pigmented.
  • Rind: Light pink- with quite a bit lavender in it.
  • Saga: Awesome duochrome in lovely pastel shades. Light blue/lavender with light green reflect.
  • Aegir: Frosty light blue with a touch of gold shimmer
  • Glitnir: Bronze with a touch of green and a dash of gold shimmer
  • Gullveig: Light rust shade
  • Valkyries: Soft light yellow with pretty green reflect. Very unique.
I'd have to say the shades that really stand out to me are Njord, Saga, Valkyries, Mani & Sol and Magni. I do really like the shades so though I know many people are angry at the owner I do hope that eventually the company straightens itself and practices out. The eyeshadows are well formulated overall in my opinion.


  1. These are nice :) - not saying anything about the recent drama!

  2. @ Rach- I totally agree, on both counts!

  3. I don't know anything about the drama, but the colours are nice - and I LoVe the fact that the shade names are in Icelandic! How nice!

  4. The colors are really lovley! I ordered the whole Norse collection too, but the order never arrived :(( The case now escalated to a claim (I payed via Paypal)..hope to become the money back >:((