Friday, August 26, 2011

Haus of Gloi Soft Bubbling Scrub~ Review

Recently, I won a giveaway from the wonderful Product Pixie blog. Kathrine the blogger also sent along two Haus of Gloi sample size items. I've since fallen in love with the brand. This is one of the two items she sent me Soft Bubbling Scrub in Apothecary.

I'm going to do this in two sections, the first about the formula of the scrub itself and the second about the scent Apothecary. The amazing thing about Haus of Gloi is that there scents are universal across their product lines so you can get simply the perfume oils or have the scent incorporated in things like their scrubs. 
Apothecary image on label
The packaging firstly is fantastic. The attention to detail on the Soft Bubbling Scrub is wonderful. Each has the scent name and product type clearly written along with a old 1700s style picture that matches the scent. The amount of product, scent description, and ingredients are all clearly listed as well. Honestly for an indie brand Haus of Gloi branding and design blows me away. 

The little tub itself is recyclable (yay) plastic that easily opens or screws tightly shut. The label also shows no signs of coming off yet despite multiple uses in the shower, which is a great bonus. 

Close-up of Soft Bubbling Scrub
Close-up of Soft Bubbling Scrub
When I first read the name and description from Haus of Gloi about their Soft Bubbling Scrubs I thought that the product itself would feel much more, well soft. Or creamy. Don't be fooled, it isn't soft- at first. When you go to scoop some out it is an extremely stiff sugar FILLED mixture. Once on your fingers you don't need hardly anything at all before you rub it into wet skin. All the sugar makes for a wonderful effective scrub. When it meets water it almost turns to a creamy-suds with a prominent scent. 

It goes on really well and washes off well too. No stinging or pain from the scrub being too harsh on my sensitive skin, or from shaving nicks. Plus you don't feel greasy or oily afterwards but it does leave the scent behind and the faint feeling of slight moisturization. Oh and lets not forget wonderfully smooth skin.

Now lets talk about the scent. I'd like to first start off with the fact that before this I've never had the scent from a scrub actually stick around! This actually continues to give off a subtle scent even after I've toweled myself off.

As for the Apothecary scent itself here is the Haus of Gloi's description:
I find this scent quite herbal. As I'm allergic to the scent of lavender for the most part I find Apothecary a bit too much to handle. To me this scrub smells strongly of lemongrass and lavender mainly. I find I like the scent in the shower where it diffuses a bit, but I wouldn't probably order it again due to my lavender allergy. However, don't let that stop you! If you like herbal, earthy, scents this one is lovely and unique. 
I took a photo of the little jar by my lens cap so you can see how small it is. It fits nicely in my tiny hands so I hope that gives you a better idea of how small the sample/travel sizes on the Haus of Gloi site are.

The small size is $3.50 USD for 2 oz and the large is $8.00 USD for 6 oz. You can see all the Soft Bubbling Scrubs on the Haus of Gloi website, there really is a scent for everyone in my humble opinion. Or you can get Aether which is their scentless version. As a side note, Haus of Gloi is completely vegan, which is great too!

Overall, I think this is the best scrub I've come across to date. You don't need much to make a huge difference, it doesn't bother my sensitive skin and it's not too expensive. No greasy residue and the scent sticks around too. Couldn't be better!

Sprite Rating: 9/10- the only reason this product didn't get full marks is because my nose doesn't really agree with the scent, and the fact that you do have to order online so you can't smell beforehand in person.

Would I Buy It Again? I'll probably pick up another Soft Bubbling scrub in a different scent as I do adore how well it works. 


  1. I'm not fond of lavender scent at all, so I've never tried this one. However, their products and packaging are superb! I just placed a small order for some of the autumn scent products and I cannot WAIT to get my goodies! Hopefully you'll try other scents that are better suited to your nose. :)

  2. I agree Nicole, this is an exceptional scrub. I'll def. be trying different scent options!