Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mac Jealousy Wakes Eyeshadow~ Review and Swatches

Jealousy Wakes
Are you Jealous? 'Cause you should be! This eyeshadow is part of the limited edition Blogger's Obsession collection that Mac released not too long ago and this one flew off the website! I had tried to order the first two times Mac restocked this beauty and missed out, but then they restocked again about a month later and I finally got my chance! And I'm so glad I got this! *Golem voice- precious*

If you don't already know, Jealousy Wakes was the brain-child of the beauty blogger Christine from Temptalia. If you don't know Temptalia where have you been? This girl is on top of everything and is pretty much what all beauty bloggers aspire to be. You can go check out Temptalia here.

Jealousy Wakes is the emerald green I've been searching for. Not too dark so that it appears black, not with a yellow undertone, not too light. Perfect bold jewel-toned emerald green. I love the complexity of this shade, it has the wonderful green base but it also has gold shimmers and teal shimmers in it as well. 

Closer to Jealousy Wakes
The formula on Jealousy Wakes is lovely too. It's about medium pigmentation which works great with such a bold colour so you can blend it in easier. You can really really build up the colour though very easily if desired as well. I did a look with it the other day and was quite pleased with how it looked on. I did find it creased on me though after wearing it for awhile. I'm not sure if this is due to the formula or that I didn't apply enough TFSI.
Lightly Swatched over bare skin, full sun
Swatched heavier over Pixie Epoxy, part sun
I'm fairly sure this little gem is sold out online, but if you can get your hands on it I do recommend it- especially if you are a green fiend like me. 

Sprite Rating: 9/10- It would have been perfect except it cost me around $20 CND which is expensive for a single eyeshadow in my opinion and I'm not sure about the creasing issue. (I may add to this upon further discovery).

Would I buy it again? Yes, yes, yes. I just love this shade so much. Literally have been looking for a shade like this since I got into make-up.

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