Friday, August 26, 2011

Mac Me Over Midnight Blues Fluidline~ Review

Midnight Blues fluidline is probably the hardest of the four fluidlines in this Mac Me Over collection to find. It was the first to sell out on the American Mac website and the Canadian Mac website didn't receive any at all at their warehouse. I got really lucky and my sister stopped by a Mac store on the day of the release (and despite a sales assistant trying to sell her the WRONG product), received this gel liner. 

You can see my review for Mac Rich Ground Fluidline here, which is a fantastic product and what I'll be comparing this to, as Rich Ground really is perfection. But before I'll tell you about whether Midnight Blues lives up to the standard Rich Ground set, here's some photos of Midnight Blues.

Mac described Midnight Blues as a Blackened Blue, but it really isn't. In some lights it looks like a navy with a faint shimmer, and in others it looks like a dark blue teal shade. Other times it can look sort of Indigo. On the lid it shows more blue but the other colour effects can show up still there. Here are the swatches:
L: 3 layers, R: 1 swipe
L: 3 layers, R: 1 swipe
Midnight Blues is a little less pigmented than what I hoped it would be, needing two swipes to show opaque on my eyes. However, like my previous fluidline it is still easy to apply and doesn't irritate my eyes. It lasts half decently on my waterline, not quite as well as Rich Ground but better than all my other liner options.
I am glad it shows up mostly blue on because I really didn't want a teal shade (nothing against teal, I've just been looking for a dark blue liner for a while now).

The shade does stain my brush after use, just thought I should mention this. As always Fluidlines cost $15 USD, or $18 CND (plus tax ends up being about $20 CND- quite expensive really. I hate that Mac keeps increasing their prices).

The trick to keeping your fluidlines creamy for long periods of time is to store them upside-down. My Rich Ground liner is still as easy to apply as when I first bought it because I always store it like this.

Overall, I do like Midnight Blues fluidline. Wish it had less green in it but it is a great gel liner and a staple I think in my stash. Plus with how little you need it will last me awhile.

Sprite Rating: 8/10- not quite what I was after in that I was hoping it would be slightly more pigmented and not have the green tinge it has, but on the lid thankfully this dies down. Still, not how it was described.

Would I Buy it Again? Compared to all the other dark blue liners on the market- I'd be tempted to try a Bobbi Brown gel liner in a dark shimmery blue if that colour was available just so I could get the true "Midnight Blue" colour (if it was a better colour match only though) but since this one does perform well I would most likely buy it again, yes.

Both Dark Envy and Dark Diversion are on their way to me so their (most likely joined) review will be when I get my hands on them. Have a great night!

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