Saturday, August 13, 2011

Venomous Cosmetics Lip Poisons~ Review

Lip Poisons
When I made my order to Venomous Cosmetics I ordered 5 of the purse size (smaller) lip poisons. I ordered 2 more everyday colours and 3 more out there shades.

I just want to mention that Venomous Cosmetics was really vigilant on making sure my package made it to me safely. Everything was lovingly swaddled in an amazing amount of bubble wrap and tape in a padded envelope. Five stars across the board for the shipping package! In addition, shipping was really cheap only $2 USD. I couldn't believe it! Fantastic on that front.

Onto the Lip Poisons! I first want to assure everyone these do NOT actually contain poison, they're just named that way to go with the Venomous Cosmetics theme. These are actually lip glosses, so no worries on that front. And my god what amazing glosses these little babies are. When I first tried these the words that instantly came to mind were "Luxe" and "Decadent". These are so smooth and amazingly moisturizing, they feel like silk on the lips. 

Although they are sticky I wouldn't be turned off by that. These are sticky in a very subtle non-gloopy way. I love the feel of these and actually have never felt a gloss out there that feels as nice or as moisturizing on as these. Plus the limited stickiness makes for super long wear-time. These hold out and manage to last three hours on me. I am literally in awe. You can tell that these are meant to actually help you lips as well due to the great ingredients Tracy the owner has included in them. Things such as almond oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E are all included. 

One thing to take note of is that these are not vegan as some of the glosses contain carmine.

These Lip Poisons don't just stop there the colours themselves are awesome! These start as semi-sheer and are easily buildable to almost completely opaque. I love this as you can vary the intensity of you lip colour than. Plus they make for excellent layering looks too. Here are the shades I got, all are swatched by themselves on bare lips and taken in full sun. Please click to see the images larger and to really appreciate the complexity of these shades!

Wicked, Wicked Witch
Oxygen Deprivation
Zero Gravity
Wicked, Wicked Witch is a rich royal purple with a very slight navy blue sheen. It can be used to darken up and cool down too warm lipstick shades. This shade was part of the Limited Edition My Fairytale collection.

Oxygen Deprivation is a dark sage green. Most of you won't be interested in this but the colour is very unique. For sure this is a new twist on a punk rock or gothic lip! This shade reflects a light pinkish-purple which really adds dimension. I may not wear it often but when I do it will most certainly make a statement!

Zero Gravity is a shade everyone should own. It doesn't look as fantastic as it actually is here, but in real life this is breathtaking! It has a super pale peach base that reflects strongly a bunch of different shades. In the tube it reflects green but on the lips it reflects blue and pink. Amazing! Plus over other lipsticks this really adds pizzaz and actually makes my lips look bigger, especially when used slightly above the cupids bow. 

Fairy is one of the two more sedate shades I picked out. It's a medium pink that has a strong blue reflect that makes it look purple in many lights. It also seems to have a bit of gold shimmer in it too. Not truly unique (I have a similar gloss called Cliche by Lorac) but a very lovely shade none the less and I'm getting a lot of wear out of it. Plus I love the name :D

Hypnotize is last but certainly not least in my opinion. What is so great about this shade is that a sheerer layer on the lips is a lovely coral shade but a more heavy application it turns into a great orange-based red with a golden sheen. So sophisticated and pretty. It's the perfect match to some flowers on my new summer dress too.

The Lip Poisons are $3.50 USD for a purse size one (3.7ml) and $5.00 USD for a full size tube (5ml). They have the standard doe-foot applicators and have a lovely matte see-through label that lists the product name, company, shade name, and ingredients list. 

My only points that could possibly be considered cons are that they have a very small amount of Mint Extract in them making them slightly smell of mint. I don't mind the smell and it is faint and goes away almost instantly but if you really dislike the smell of mint that may put you off. The only other con is that like all doe-foot applicators the posts that hold the doe-foot can get covered in gloss, but this happens with every doe-foot applicator and I just wipe the post onto my lips then spread with the doe foot. 

All in all I adore these. I will most certainly be ordering more as these are the best glosses I have ever tried. I just love how moisturizing and long wearing they are with the unique colours.

Sprite Rating: 10/10 Holy Grail glosses. I have found a new love. :D

Will I buy these again? Look above I think the answer is an obvious YES! 


  1. I am intrigued by oxygen deprivation! I know I couldn't wear it yet I find the color so unique! Wouldn't that go well with Mac Vex or Concrete Minerals Lolita?

  2. Ooh those sound so goo together Olivia! I may have to do a look and post that up soon! I completely agree, Oxygen Deprivation is one of the most unique shades I've ever seen. I personally don't have CM Lolita but it is on my lust list! Thanks for your comment!