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Morgana Cryptoria Lip Balms~ Review

The Morgana Cryptoria Haul!
So although this is a review for the lip balms I've included swatches of Brew Ha Ha eyeshadow and Sunset Peach lipstick because they were in my order as well. But first, I'm sure all of you want these the swatches!
Clockwise from top left: Nudist, Mint Sensation, Goldspun, Spellcaster, Cleopatra's Deminse, Sunset Peach (Lipstick)
These lip balms are the most unique formula! As you can see they're very pigmented, especially for lip balms and come in a variety of interesting shades (over 50 I believe). All are drier than your average balm but still have that balmy texture.
When I first applied them they seemed difficult to work with but I think it was just that they had a coating or just hardened slightly on top. After the first or second use this went away and the balms became more balm-like in texture. Some of the shades have slightly better pigmentation than others (Mint Sensation is one of the best whereas Spellcaster had some slight pigmentation issues), however these layer well so that isn't too much of a problem. They definitely are long lasting surviving a meal for me or about three to four hours. They are also easy to remove as well, just wiping firmly with a wet kleenex a couple of times. I find after they've been on for a bit they dry down even more so it feels like there isn't even anything on your lips- it's nice to see this feature of the lipstick formula carry over to the lip balms as well.

The packaging is nice, Morgana Cryptoria has used a water-resistant silver label with black print. All the ingredients are listed on the package and are in lip balm tubes. Most of my tubes turn up and down well except for Goldspun which turns up but not down- so I just push it back into the tube. I find that these (like normal balms) get creamier the warmer they are but I've not had an issue with them when they're fairly chilled either.
Cleopatra's Demise Close-up
Goldspun Close-up
Mint Sensation Close-up

Spellcaster Close-up
They are a bit tricky to get the hang of as they're so pigmented but don't have an angle to get into the cupid's bow of the lips. A couple applications though and you get the hang of it. The neat thing about them is much like the lipsticks where they seem to melt down a bit after application reducing the feel of them on your lips. Also, although as I stated earlier are slightly drier than your standard lip balm they do moisturize quite well. After wearing them I noticed the improved condition of my lips.

The shades are Spellcaster a medium-dark purple with a blue reflect; Mint Sensation a seafoam green with shimmer; Cleopatra's Demise, a super dark olive green with little gold shimmers; Nudist, a brown nude cream shade; and Goldspun a pure gold metallic shade that is highly affected by how pigmented your lips are. None of the shades I purchased (EXCEPT Mint Sensation!) had any smell or taste to them. Mint Sensation smells like mint, but not overpoweringly so.
Spellcaster Lip Balm- Full Sun
Cleopatra's Demise Lip Balm- Full Sun
Nudist Lip Balm- Full Sun

Goldspun Lip Balm- Full Sun
Mint Sensation Lip Balm- Part Sun
I found Spellcaster to be the least pigmented and Cleopatra's Demise to be the hardest to work with (due to the darkness of the colour mainly and trying to get it on just right). My favourite has to be Mint Sensation, the colour and formula is just perfect and so unique. I was also pleasantly surprised by Nudist. I honestly didn't think it was going to look right at all as it appears rather dark in the little sample baggie, but on my lips it's a perfect fall nude shade- just a touch darker than my natural lip colour. I'm a bit disappointed in Spellcaster as I was hoping that it would have a more intense blue reflect but mostly it just looks medium-dark purple. I was also expecting the purple to be a lighter shade based off of the website pictures too.

Overall, I would recommend these balms to other people. They're a neat twist on a classic and the range of colour options is phenomenal. I do think some of the kinks need to be worked out a bit (i.e. Spellcaster) just to get consistent balminess and pigmentation across the line. Some of the shades are darker in real life when compared to the website swatches as well so that's something to keep in mind.

Sprite Rating: 7/10

Would I buy these again? If I see another unique colour I probably would though I still prefer her lipsticks first.
Brew Ha Ha eyeshadow in pot
Morgana Cryptoria Brew Ha Ha eyeshadow over pixie epoxy
(Click to see large!)
Quick review for Brew Ha Ha eyeshadow. It's a nice medium-dark grey with gold shimmers throughout.  Pressed it looks almost purple-grey. I like the shade but I wish it was a bit lighter. It's also not quite as pigmented as I'd like. It's not that I don't like Morgana Cryptoria's eyeshadows just that I prefer other indie brands shadows, at least when I compare the three I've gotten from MC to other brands. This is a nice shade though especially with fall coming.

Plus here's a quick lip swatch and close-up of Sunset Peach Lipstick!

Sunset Peach Lipstick
Sorry about this swatch. My lips weren't too happy after a full day of swatching. I do really like this lipstick though! Soft and creamy, pale peach with gold and light pink reflect. It should be noted though that this is a frosty colour, just keep that in mind. I particularly like it as a great toned down lip with something more colourful elsewhere on my face. I have noticed that this lip colour doesn't last as long as the darker shades do though which is a shame but understandable. I really like it, plus it's much more sedate than the others so I can comfortably wear it around my relatives. :P

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