Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Venomous Cosmetics Sale

Just when I impose myself on a strict no buy, Venomous Cosmetics (one of my new favourite indie companies) puts up a bunch of their shadows on sale as well as lowing the price of their full size shadows to $6.50 from $7.50. In addition to this they've released a new limited edition lip poison (my HG gloss!) for only $3.00. Plus she still has some stock from the Fairy Tale collection (lowered prices) and the Go Wild collection is still live.

Anyways, here is the list of normal shadows that are on sale:

  • Sea Anemone- Medium purple with bright purple sparkle $4.00
  • Bravest Astronaut- Strong red with magenta shifts $4.00
  • Centipede- Medium Aqua with subtle blue sparks $4.00
  • Box Jelly- Satiny White $4.00
  • Sydney Harbour @ Night- Deep purply blue $4.00
  • Meteor- Shimmery light brown with subtle red/orange influences $4.00
That's it. I'm going to go off and cry with my depressed wallet now. Hope you all enjoy! 


  1. I also had to buy from this sale :P have u seen the new pink collection too...sigh

  2. @ Rach: I haven't seen the new pink collection! I love taking advantage of sales but I've far surpassed my budget for the month. Oh well. Hope you blog about the goodies you've purchased!