Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Body Shop Earth Lovers Fig and Rosemary 100% Biodegradable Body Wash.

Wow that is a huge mouthful of a name and a heck of one to type out. Sheesh, could they have made it more convoluted? Anyways onto the body wash itself, not just the title.

Lets start first with the claims of this body wash. The Body Shop states that this body wash is 100% biodegradable (i.e. you should be able to use it in a river and not kill anything), soap free, sulfate free, paraben free and colourant free. On top of this they go on to state that the bottle is 100% recycled packaging.

I like that a popular company has actually made a nature-friendly body wash without you having to spend a huge amount of money at a specialty camping store for it. (At least I don’t think it was that expensive, it’s from The Body Shop, they are usually reasonably priced for the most part. I received this as a prize from Product Pixie’s blog giveaway so I don’t know for sure).

As someone who likes camping this is a great option in my opinion without worrying you’re going to make nearby wildlife sick (as normal soaps will. You try eating soap and see if you feel well).

I also like that they’re using 100% recycled plastic. It obviously can be done, I don’t understand why more companies don’t use it. You think it would be easier and more cost effective to melt down already created plastic than to create new stuff from scratch but I digress.

The body wash comes in an easy to flip open closed snap bottle. It’s also not an issue to squeeze to force body wash out of the bottle too, which is important in the shower when you’re all soaped up and wet.
The scent of it though it certainly sounds strange is actually quite pleasant. Not too herbally, and not too figgy either. Just kind of a little bit of both. It’s not a very strong scent either which I think is a perfectly okay thing to have in an ecologically impact aware product.

Now the important part, without soap (and everything else) does it actually clean? The answer is a certain yes. I’ve used this without issue cleaning both myself, and my recently dyed hair and both feel clean and are dirt free. Surprisingly even without SLS it foams up fine- not as well as with it but more than sufficient to clean oneself with.

I also tried it on my hair as there wasn’t any gentle shampoo in the shower at the time and I know SLS is really hard on dyed hair. So I figured why not try the body wash and if it doesn’t feel clean wash it again with something else. It worked seemingly without incident to get rid of the extra dye on my scalp, so bonus there.

Overall, there isn’t too much I can say about this. It’s body wash and it gets the job done without negative impacts. That’s really as much as you can ask from a body wash. It wasn’t particularly moisturizing or had any stellar skin revolutionary ingredients. Though to be frank body wash is barely on your skin long enough to do much for it. And that ingredient would probably poison small creatures. In comparison there isn’t anything harmful or potentially harmful in the body wash either which is great and probably better for you in the long run.

Sprite Rating: 9/10. It does its job and it isn’t going to harm the local environment. It doesn’t get a perfect score as it doesn’t blow my mind but it is a good product.

Would I buy this again? If I was going camping and actually remembered it then yes. Otherwise I’ll probably stick to my super luxurious body washes (ex. Lush It’s Raining Men, The Body Shop Satsuma Scrub, or just a plain super cheap bar of soap. Yes, I suck but that’s the water sanitation people’s jobs isn’t it, and you can’t say I’m not telling you the truth).

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