Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beaute Liqui-gel Stain in Fever~ Review & Swatches

I've finally gotten around to reviewing this little gem! I honestly can't believe how long I've had and loved this lip stain without doing a formal review. This is Beaute Cosmetics Liqui-gel Lip and Cheek stain in Fever. As you can probably tell I have loved mine so much that the writing on the packaging has rubbed off. 
Fever is a bright true red, despite looking like a vial of blood in the tube. Now some of you may ask what is so good about this stain that sets it apart from all the other stains out there? There are two main pros for this product. First is the unique texture and secondly is the staying power.

The liqui-gel stains are quite unique in that they really do apply as a very liquid-like gel, giving you quite a bit of time to move it around- which is great if you are using this as a blush stain. This also means if you screw-up the line slightly if you are quick you can wipe the stain off and fix it. In addition the gel gives the stain a bit of a cushion making it feel nice on the lips- not nearly as initially drying as many other stains. You are still likely to need lip balm after a bit but not right away.
One coat of Fever

Two coats of Fever
Another great thing about these stains is that you can use them sheerly or layered for a bigger punch of colour. Layered it lasts longer of course but I love the sort of just nibbled look one sheer coat of Fever gives. You do need to wait between layers as the first layer needs to set, but it doesn't take too long.

One thing I don't like about these though is the taste. Yes, I'm aware that I'm not supposed to be eating these but some always ends up in my mouth anyways and these taste strongly and unpleasantly of alcohol until they dry down. The other small issue is that if you aren't careful when you apply these you could get some feathering.

But the thing that makes these fantastic is truly in how long they last. These babies aren't intimidated by pretty much anything. Fever may fade a tad but I'll still have a stain after a glass of juice, yogurt and an apple. Most lip items don't last well on me, but Fever does- I can actually get hours of wear with it whereas I get maybe two with some of my more matte lipsticks.

These are a tad difficult to get a hold of as they are a Canadian company but I ordered online through their website and didn't have any problems. They retail for $29 CND, and come in four shades: Harlot a purple-berry, Fever a bright true red, Flouron a medium-bright pink and Neon a bright orange.

I'm actually worried about running out of Fever as I'm more than half-way through it, and I normally don't even make it anywhere near that with all the lip products I have!

P.S. Not sure how long this code will work for but heiress2009 should give you a 10% off discount on the Beaute Cosmetics website.

Hebridean Sprite Rating: 9/10- Fantastic colour, texture, and longevity.

Would I buy it again? YES. Seriously adore this stain and I've been eyeing up the other shades (excluding Neon) for a long while.