Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quo Jumbo Lipgloss Stick~ Review

Finally another review! Firstly though I want to apologize for the yellow background, I thought it would be neat but it just looks.... bright. 
Today I'm reviewing Quo Jumbo Lipgloss Stick in Currant. For those of you in Canada, Quo is the Shopper's Drug Mart cosmetics line available in stores. Though this pencil is a bit expensive for drug store (like all Quo items) the quality on this is great. It costs around $12 CND. It's moisturizing, highly pigmented, non-sticky, easy to apply and wears better than the average gloss. It also has a subtle staining effect so if you happen to eat something and it gets rubbed off a hint of colour is still there.
The colour on this is lovely for autumn, a deep berry plum thats just a little vampy. The nice thing about this though is it's easy to sheer out so you only get a touch of colour instead of the full built up affect. 
This has quite a strong scent, but I personally love it. It's black current and sweet, but does diffuse after about five minutes from application.
I also enjoy how easy this is to apply with the pencil packaging and how because it's slim it travels well (the cap is sturdy, it's not going to slide off on you! That is always my issue, or I've shoved it on too hard and it's started to crack. This does neither.) The only downsides to this is that you have to sharpen it and therefore waste product. I really wish this had a twist bottom so when it gets down you could just twist up more. It does sharpen without fuss though which is good, because it doesn't look like it would go well. This is due to the shiny sleek plastic finish on the outside of the stick. It looks much more high end than it is, which is a nice bonus.
Most accurate to real life colour
And not smiling :P
The lipgloss sticks come in six shades and have 2.5 grams of product per tube. Currant is the darkest of the shades but they also have a medium-dark red called Daiquiri, a light Peach called Nectar, a light pink (Pink Petal I believe), a bright pink (Lavish I think) and a spice brown (named Ginger Twist). I only have one but I love it! All in all great high colour glosses that look like they're from NARS (the Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are very similar in design).

Sprite Rating: 9/10 - marked down only for limited availability and small shade selection.


  1. Very nice review. This looks really gorgeous on! I'm a big fan of the pencil style applicators at the min because they're so handy to just throw in your bag and are sooo easy to apply!

    Never even heard of this brand before and I'm pretty sure it's not sold in the UK so i might have a little browse on eBay to see if I can pick up a couple of items :)

  2. Thanks for telling us about having to sharpen it! I bought one and didn't know how to get more product (I, too, thought there was a twist bottom!)

    1. You mention sharpening this gloss pencil....thought I could twist the bottom for more product! But I can't see the "how to sharpen it bite". Help please

  3. Hello Anonymous, for sharpening it I just use the larger hole on my standard sharpener. Quo has one that works too. I too though that it was a twist up, but unfortunately it isn't designed like that. Hope this helps.