Friday, October 8, 2010

Wet n' Wild Night Owl and First Franken!

Wet n' Wild Night Owl Coloricon polish came out recently as a limited edition part of the insomnia collection. I got it for $2.99 and honestly was disappointed in it. Although the colour is very halloween suitable- a dark almost black burgundy-plum, that sometimes looks like dried blood- it just didn't work well. To get it completely even it really needs three coats, it drags and it goes on unevenly, it also dries a strange half-matte finish as well (thank goodness for top coats). It chipped fairly quickly as well even with my top and base coat, it only lasted about three days (with Gelous base coat I usually get a minimum of four). So unless you love the colour, I don't recommend it it didn't live up to Black Fog's formula unfortunately.
See the weird ripples/bubbles/ridges? It just wouldn't smooth out!
Natural Light
However, I was in Zellars today and they had just put out the Wet n' Wild Fantasy Makers display out, a Halloween display made for wacky costume make-up and I found a little gem.
Fantasy Makers Display

Glitter Liners, Glitter Body Gel

More Glitter liners, Purple glitter, HOLOGRAPHIC GLITTER!
From my capitals I'm sure you can guess what the little gem was for $4.99. A vial of silver holographic glitter. Seriously this stuff has the whole rainbow spectrum when you move it!

So I made a Franken because I was so enthralled with this little beauty! For those of you who don't know a Franken stands for a nail polish colour of effect you've made yourself- it stands for Frankenpolish. I took Night Owl and made it into my new polish which I've names Owl Eyes.

 Gorgeous right? I am loving it! I decided to name it Owl Eyes because the original was Night Owl and the sparkles kind of look like eyes in the dark. Silly, and overly dramatic but that's just the type of person I am :D. I only did one nail as I'm about to do my nails in Sephora Sample Sale (an awesome Candy Apple red) for Thanksgiving this weekend, but I'm really pleased with the colour now, so I can put up with the not so great formula.
The holo captured!
What do you think? Any polishes you want to spice up? Have you Frankened before?


  1. I love Owl Eyes! I've been contemplating buying some glitter bottles for the purpose of frankening too! I'll have to give this a try asap.