Friday, October 1, 2010

Ads on Hebridean Sprite Beauty

Some of you may have noticed that I've added some ads and links over the past couple of days to the blog. I've added them in sort-of out of the way places around the blog and in some posts- either Shop Sense or Google. These have made an appearance for three reasons, firstly, because sometimes the things featured are relevant to you, or may capture your interest and you can check them out for further details on the products mentioned or seen. The second reason is that Shop Sense especially makes it really simple to find good quality images for you to see products. They're professional images the brand use to advertise so they're bright, clear and close up. This makes it great for you to see what I'm talking about, and me to find images as well as not having to link as often to outside sources that I don't know, and who might get offended by me using their images (even if I do find them over Google!) Of course I'll still be including the images you've all seen before in my posts- my own photos, ones found in other blogs and from Google images- but this is a convenient shortcut.

And lastly, when you click on a link I get recognition for 'referring' you and a little bit of money. It's not much, in fact most of these are set up so that you don't get anything at all till you've passed a certain 'threshold'. The reason I've done this is blogging can be expensive at times- even if it is gas to go to the local Sephora to get samples for you! All money gained from this, is going back into this blog, in some way or another. Whether that be paying for said gas to the cosmetics store, an item of interest I think people would like a review on and maybe if I'm lucky in the future some giveaways.

The links and ads aren't here to rip you off. They aren't here to take away from the experience (hopefully!) and certainly don't click if you're not interested.

The Google link ads don't let me choose what I want them to contain. They are chosen by Google based on the contents of the blog. Unfortunately, that means that some ads are advertising for animal-testing brands. Please take this into account. More importantly I'm not necessarily agreeing with any content in the Google links/Shop Sense boxes nor the pages they link to. You may, you may not but I have nothing to do with it as Google links change on a whim. If I could choose which ads show up with Google links I would but I can't so please take that into account. The ShopSense however, lets me pick the items; they'll all have pictures of non-animal testing brand things (to the best of my knowledge). However, what they link to I, again, have no control over.

If anyone has any questions or concerns please send me an e-mail, and I'll answer as soon as I can (Contact info in side bar).

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