Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sephora by OPI Christmas Nail Polishes

Image from Sephora website
Sephora by OPI has got it going on for nail polish this holiday! Released on the site within the last couple days these all make great gifts or fit the winter season perfectly for nails. Above is the mini set containing six polishes for a wide variety of events. The colours from left to right are: Dear Diary, Still Shopping!, Looks Like Rain Dear, Sample Sale (my favourite fall/winter red!), Teal We Meet Again, and Just A Little Dangerous. The mini polishes are a good deal if you tend to fall in and out of love with colours quickly as there is less polish but still more than enough for several times wear. This limited edition set costs $22 USD. Click HERE to see my new post of combined bloggers swatches of all the new holiday polishes below!
Next up we've got a top coat called Only Gold For Me. A clear formula (not white like it appears in the swatch) with gold glitter and sparkles this will add bling to your nails for that holiday party. It would look great over another holiday colour like Sample Sale shimmery red, or a white snow shade. This polish costs $9 USD and is newly released though not limited edition (like all the individual polishes to be shown in this post).
Perfect for New Years this bar holographic silver glitter with a clear base called Sparkle Me Silver just screams Champagne in crystal flutes to me. At the very least it should attract some neat compliments! Also $9 USD.

 Another silver top coat this is the christmas decoration sister to Only Gold For Me. Called Flurry Up with fine and circlular silver glitter in a clear base, I think this with Only Gold For Me on top of a dark green would make your nails look like christmas balls and lights on a tree. Costs $9 USD.

A densely packed gold glitter this polish is called Looks Like Rain Dear. Personally, I just don't connect gold with Reindeer but to each their own. From the swatch it looks pretty, however, I'm wary of glitters and this one might need a good three coats I'm guessing. Again, $ 9 USD.

The prettiest releases for the season (in my opinion at least!) is Merry Me! (top) and What's Your Point-settia?(bottom). Merry Me! is a Beauty Insider Exclusive (and Limited Edition) and is described as an opaque cranberry red with red and silver fine to medium glitter. So festive! 
What's Your Point-settia? is a deeper metallic burgundy colour, and also Limited Edition. I have a feeling this might be one of those lit-from within colours that are so popular right now too. I especially like the Silver print on the front instead of the normal boring black for both bottles! $9 USD each.
Iris I Was Thinner
Access 24/7
Already Famous
Merry Me!
Opening Night
Call Your Mother

Next we've got another polish set with some lovely colours for winter and spring. All six are full sized and together cost $42 USD (which means you save $10 USD). Included are Opening Night, Merry Me!, Access 24/7, Already Famous, Call Your Mother and Iris I Was Thinner (stupid name in my opinion!).

 Saving the monster for last, we've got a huge polish kit with just about every colour of the rainbow! Eighteen mini polishes for $48 USD there is something for everyone here. Colours from Left to Right, First row are as follows: A True Romantic, Techno Girl, Access 24/7, Ms. Can't Be Wrong, What A Broad, Just A Little Dangerous.
Second row: Cab Fare, Caliente Coral, Special Request, High Maintenance, Sample Sale, I'm With Brad.
Third row: Leaf Him at the Altar, Mermaid to Order, Opening Night, Already Famous, Dating the Drummer, and Never Enough Shoes.

Personally, I like Sephora by OPI polishes, I think they are a decent polish formula with a nice handle and interesting colours. Are any of you getting some festive colours for the holidays?
Remember Sephora is having their Friends and Family sale sometime near the end of this month or into November. 20% is nothing to sneeze at, so that would be the best to stock up if anyone does want these! :D All the best! (Please vote in the poll on the side bar!)


  1. Sephora O.P.I~ :) My favorite color is fifth one from the top!!! Perfect color for christmas~

    Love NaNa

  2. I love Sample Sale for Christmas, I just think it's the perfect festive red! Thanks for your comment :D