Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cargo Activating Primer Update ~ Review Part 2

If any of you can remember I did a post about a month ago on the Cargo Activating Face primer which as a silicone-free option I was interested in trying. Other than it's claims to instantly reduce the look of pores, it was supposed to have longer term benefits from continued usage. The Cargo company says that their special mix of Aqua Maris (Sea Water), and natural botanical extracts will have you see in thirty days reduced pore size and reduced oiliness. So, for the past month I've been putting this primer to the test, using it whenever I put on foundation (which varies but is about 5 days of the week). Here's what I noticed.

Firstly there was not a reduction in oil production. In fact I feel like I am oilier with this primer than without frankly. This is quite disappointing, as I am very oily. On the other hand, even with my increased oil (in my opinion) I didn't breakout with this. If anything I think my acne has improved a little since I began using it. This may just have been a fluke though as I've been juggling around skin care and recently started a new medication so I'm not saying this is the answer to acne woes by any means.

On the pore refining front however, I do think it has helped. Not by a large amount by any means, but I haven't noticed my large pores as often and when I really look my pores they do seem softer somehow. But don't take my word for it, take a look at the before and after pictures!

Before applying primer for thirty days

After applying primer for thirty days
I know the redness is different (and I apologize for the difference in colouration in my skin- I honestly have no idea how I managed to change colour between the two photographs), but I do think my pores are a bit smaller. Of course this might just be wishful thinking (let me know your opinion). For your information both pictures were taken in the same place and are of the same cheek in the morning (so approx. the same lighting). The light is from the window and both photos show the cheek with my murad acne gel treatment on the skin but nothing else. 

Taking into account my initial review and these longer term claims, I'm going to change my rating of the product. Till next time!

Final Sprite Rating: 7/10 - lost points for not living up to the oil reduction and blurring claim. Other than that not a bad primer.


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  2. I got mine on for $28 CND. So it should be around that much American as well. I'll take a look at your blog. Thanks for the comment! :D