Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tartan Tale Display Pictures and Swatches

The Whole Display

This is the last of the Tartan Tale posts (until I haul of course!) but I've got photos galore for you! Display pictures, detailed product photos and swatches abound (on both darker and lighter skin tones so you can get a good idea on what they look like on you!) Many many thanks go to Shontay and Erin on Specktra for all their help and the photos!
Mini Brush Sets (Look at the lovely bags! *drool*)

Left: 6 Beauties Play it Cool palette;
 Right: 6 Twists of Tartan

Top: Shadow palettes
Bottom: Face Kits
Right: Lipsticks and some of the eyeshadows

6 Beauties Play It Cool Close-
One of the Mini Pigment Sets- Thrill Seekers (Image from British Beauty Blogger)

A Fabulous Fantasy Lip Kit- (Image from British Beauty Blogger)

Reelers and Rockers Palette- Image from British Beauty Blogger
Glamora Castle- Image from British Beauty Blogger
Golden Crown- Image From British Beauty Blogger
Semi-Precious- Image from British Beauty Blogger
 The eyeshadows from this collection are really unique. Not only do they have a Tartan pattern imprinted into them the coloured stripes in the shadow go all the way through the shadow. According to British Beauty Blogger, these coloured stripes are made with a patented flocking process using pre-dyed nylon threads which are then laid into patterns, in this case Tartan. Supposably this is the first time this has been done in the beauty industry, and I'm curious as to how this will work in reality. Will the stripes give off colour, or just look pretty? (I'm personally okay with either though extra colour would be a bonus :D)
Onto the life pictures and swatches!
Top row: A Wish Come True, Enviably Fun, Follow Your Fantasy;
Bottom row: Glamora Castle, Golden Crown, and Semi-Precious
Left column top to bottom: A Wish Come True, Semi-Precious, Glamora Castle, Enviably Fun
Right Column top and bottom: Follow Your Fantasy, Golden Crown
Left column top to bottom: A Wish Come True, Enviably Fun, Follow Your Fantasy;
Right column top to bottom: Glamora Castle, Golden Crown, Semi-Precious
Left: My Highland Honey; Right: Her Blooming Cheek
Left to Right: Her Blooming Cheek, My Highland Honey, Peaches
Left column top to bottom: Highland Honey blush, Her Blooming Cheek blush,
Lord it Up pearlglide, Black Line Pearlglide
Right column top to bottom: Undercurrent, Black Swan, Petrol Blue Pearlglides
Left to Right: Blackline, Black Swan, Lord it Up, Petrol Blue, Undercurrent
Bottom: Black Russian (to compare to Black Swan)

Left to Right: Courting Lilac, Cut a Caper, Deepest Wish, Full Fuchsia, The Faerie Glen
Left: The Faerie Glen; Right: Hug Me
Top row left to right: Faerie Glen l/s, Moonlight Night pigment, The Family Crest pigment
Bottom row left to right: Deepest Wish, Courting Lilac, Full Fuschia, Cut a Caper lipsticks
Left to Right: Gone Romancin', Lightly Prancing, Passing Fancy, Radiant Jewels, Soft Dazzle
Left Column top then bottom: Radiant Jewels, Soft Dazzle
Right Column top to bottom: Gone Romancin', Passing Fancy, Lightly Prancing

Nail Polishes!
Top: Style Clan, Bottom: Sly as a Fox Nail polishes

Left: Sly as a Fox; Right: Style Clan
Left: Earthly Harmony; Right: Style Clan
Not much chat for this post but I think the pictures speak for themselves! Can't wait for this to come out and for me to get my greedy little paws on some!
Here's my list after seeing everything from swatches:

  • 6 Beauties Play It Cool
  • 6 Twists of Tartan (If I have enough $$)
  • Glamora Castle eyeshadow
  • Golden Crown eyeshadow
  • Courting Lilac Lipstick
  • The Family Crest Pigment
  • Enviably Fun (If I have enough $$)

What do you most want from the collection?
See my other swatches and Tartan Tale posts HERE! :D


  1. Amazing. For some reason I feel so indulgent looking at all the swatches! I really like this collection, usually I'm kind of over MAC and their twice-minutely collections but for some reason this one reall appeals. Perhaps it's my Scottish roots...

  2. I'm a bit overwhelmed with there collection overload this season too, but I'm in love with this collection. I just think it's so lovely! I know it's my Scottish blood coming into play lol. I keep looking back at the swatches, some of them are just so beautiful! Glad you enjoyed!

  3. Thanks so much for the post! I am also from Canada not far from you actually and I love that I came across your blog. I get so excited to see what you will post next and I love how you are so detailed with the collections! It let's me know what I should get and what I can pass on.

  4. I'm glad these posts have helped lovelylisa_152! I just fell in love with this collection so I hunted down as many pictures of it as I could! I hope to cover future collections too but maybe not quite as in depth as this one. There are just so many to get as excited as I am for all of them and not become exhausted . Hope I live up to your expectations!

  5. Thanks for the pics, I can't wait for the collection! I really want both blushes... I'm a blush addict :) Also, the e/s look so pretty, and the brush sets and the three shade things... Oh my. I will be going broke!