Saturday, October 2, 2010

NOTD: Estee Lauder Surreal Violet

 Estee Lauder Surreal Violet was released this fall with the Blue Dahlia collection, and honestly the colour is to die for gorgeous! A greyed lavender with copper reflect this colour changes in every lighting.   Even looking at it in the bottle is lovely as the ice cube-like glass seems to capture the subtle copper shimmer well.

 The good about this polish unfortunately ends here. It was costly, a whopping $25 CND dollars for only  9 ml (0.3 oz) of polish. That's a little over half in comparison to China Glaze which has 14ml (0.5 oz) of polish which costs about $8.00 CND here. The formula on this is thin too. You really need three coats as two does cover but can look patchy afterwards (as is evidenced on my thumb in later pictures). Though the polish went on nicely it also didn't last very long. With my normal system (Gelous base coat and China Glaze quick dry top coat) it lasted three days before I got major chipping and tip wear.

Trying to capture the glow!

See near the base of the thumb? It looks patchy despite two coats. *sigh*
Rating: 5/10

Overall, though the colour is unique (I've never seen anything like it!) I've vowed to myself to never fall in love with another Estee Lauder nail polish. The lack of wear, the thin formula and the exorbitant price aren't worth it. Though I love this colour and am happy I got it in the future I'd rather spend my pennies on a polish I know is going to last longer than three days. Like Wet n' Wild coloricon or Nubar.

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