Friday, October 1, 2010

Josie Maran Argan Oil Lip Treatment

From Josie Maran Cosmetics Website
Recently, upon trying to put on a lipstain and failing to have an even distribution of colour due to dry skin across my lips, I set out trying to find the most moisturizing treatment balm. I wanted something that would make the dry bits become one again with my lips and to have full moisture-rich lips.  I figured this was a great thing to look into for the fall and winter months coming up, and wanted to share one of my trials with you.

This cute little pot from Josie Maran contains her Argan oil lip treatment. A pink gel-cream that smells like green apple, it goes on well and feels cushiony on the lips. Only needing the smallest amount it stays on for a good amount of time and the smell dissipates quickly if you are sensitive to smells. 
All thats needed for one lip 
I found that if I wore this at night the dry skin would literally roll off my lips leaving healthy skin underneath. Lipstain goes on much easier I've found and I'm not even through my sample half-way yet! However, this product didn't make my lips feel more moist than normal, it just made them not look chapped anymore. Possibly with wearing this nightly it could get to this point, but I've fallen into bed off and on in the last week so I haven't tried this.
The thing about this product, like all Josie Maran products costs a pretty penny and doesn't give you very much. As you can see above thats my finger, which has a width of around a centimeter. The pot isn't much bigger, though it is cute and honestly reminds me of Aladdin's Lamp. It costs $20 USD, but since you only need such a small amount and a couple days of use to see results I think it would last quite awhile. (Plus the jar will look adorable on your vanity!)

Rating: 8/10 It lost a point for it's expensive price per product and lack of uber moisturized lips I was expecting but other than that this is a great product!

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