Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tartan Tale Update

Update! I was going to wait a couple more days to see if any more information was going to come in but I figured everyone would probably appreciate the information sooner rather than later. As you can see above, we've finally got a model picture for the collection and isn't she stunning?! I love her porcelain skin and flushed cheeks! I've got her make-up look breakdown for you so if you're interested you can wear it too.

  • Black Mascara (Most likely Zoomlash)
  • Neutral matte eyeshadow, one that matches your skin, or one a half shade darker- it shouldn't be noticable. I personally like Revlon Vintage Lace, Wet n' Wild Brule and Stila has a bunch of great matte skintone shades
  • Golden Bronzer (applied first)
  • Her Blooming Cheek Mac Blush (applied on top of the bronzer) (See last Tartan Tale post for other Mac blushes that are close to this shade you could easily switch and use instead)
  • Lips are the most complicated of her look. She's wearing Beet lip liner, Full Fuschia Amplified Cream lipstick, and Soft Dazzle Dazzleglass Cream lip gloss (most likely on the centre of the lip only for highlight)

I love this shot, just because you can finally get an idea of what the colours actually are like! For example how dark of a taupe Style Clan nail polish is, and the wonder of the purple lippies! I tried to make this bigger but it's hard to manage without losing the quality of the image, sorry!

The Brush kits have been added, so if you want a brush set in a cute tartan bag for winter here are some interesting options (NOTE: All are animal hair brushes! Personally I only buy synthetic brushes, but these are part of the collection.)

All Kits are $49.50 USD (to see the shape of the brushes check out the Mac website, the numbers specify brush types and shapes)
Sweep Me Off My Feet:129SE

A Lady & Her Tricks:168SE

She's Got It All:194SE

Kids helping Kids Tags and Cards
A nice thing about Mac is they are pretty good at giving back, and this holiday season they're doing it again. They have a Viva Glam Tartan bag with Viva Glam V lipstick and lipgloss for $36 USD. The Viva Glam series goes to an AIDS foundation. They've also got Kids Helping Kids charity items, adorable tartan themed gift tags and cards. 6 cards and 12 tags are $8.00 USD. There is also Sir Teddy, an adorable tartan print teddy bear in two sizes (one of which has a key chain attachment). Large Sir Teddy is $15 USD and key chain Sir Teddy is $13 USD.
Sir Teddy Big and Small-> Source

The more I find out about this collection the more interested I get! Hopefully there will start being swatches next week, but I unfortunately can't promise anything, but stay tuned!

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