Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mac A Tartan Tale Sneak Peak

So for the last couple months, ever since I saw the promo picture for this collection, I've been collecting photos and information like a magpie with shiny things. You've probably already guessed but it's: A Tartan Tale for this Holiday season.
Yep, thats the largest image of the Promo picture I can find. Bleh.
However, being a die-hard lover of my Scottish background, Scottish history and tartan in general (particularly my family one), I feel I have an excuse. 

Here's some of the product names:
Dazzleglass Cream- Radiant Jewels, Soft Dazzle, Gone Romancin', Passing Fancy, Lightly Prancing
Lipstick- Cut a Caper, Deepest Wish, The Faerie Glen, Courting Lilac, Full Fuschia
Pigment- Later, The Family Crest, Moonlight Night
Powder Blush- Her Blooming Cheek (bright medium pink), My Highland Honey (Peach)

A photo of another Promo image (so its bad quality) at the Venomous Villains debut in Taiwan.  This image is to give you a better idea of the actual colours of the palettes a bit as they differ between images.  From
From member iheartmakeup. L: Moonlight Night, R: The Family Crest

From member Hergreyness, the centre hot pink colour is called Irish Red.
All three of the above pigments are described as having a smooth texture and a golden shimmer to them. Here are some swatches of them (same source for images as above):
Of these pigments they've been described by Hergreyness as a Glimmery Fuschia (Named Irish Red), a Bronze with gold shimmer and a black base, and a Purple with gold shimmer and a black base. There was another red mentioned as well that wasn't shown.

The blushes (note, I'm fairly positive the dates on these pictures are wrong, these are the correct items):
From member bbgillian. Her Highland Honey Blush.
Her Highland Honey Blush swatched.
Her Highland Honey blush is swatched above on NC25 skin, bbgillian mentions that it gives a lovely peachy glow but would be best on quite pale skin.

Also from member bbgillian, Her Blooming Cheek.
On the other hand, Her Blooming cheek is said to be the brightest hot pink blush we've seen to date from Mac, well pigmented and bright enough for any skin tone.
bbgillian swatch (NC25 skin)

bbgillian swatch of Her Blooming Cheek on hand, blended slightly.
Lip Products:
Gone Romancin' Dazzleglass Cream (Image from bbgillian)

Swatch of Gone Romancin' Dazzleglass Cream (bbgillian)

Cut A Caper Lipstick (bbgillian)
Cut a Caper is described as a candy pink, between this picture and the next you can tell that lighting plays a big part in how this colour appears (I'm quite excited to see it in real life!)
bbgillian's Cut A Caper in daylight.

UK Vogue shows The Faerie Glen lipstick off beside similar colours of other brands.
I'm thinking The Faerie Glen might be a nice Fall neutral colour but that all depends on how brown it appears on me in life.

The Sets (All from Musings of a Muse Blog):

From (Sorry I can't remember who translated/found this information) here's some more information on the sets.  All prices are estimates based off last years holiday sets. The main colours are pink, and tan for these.
  • Each Pigment set has four pigments and one glitter vial, last year the price for a pigment set was $32.50 USD.
  • Each Lipgloss set has 5 inside, they previously were sold for $29.50 USD
  • Each eyeshadow palette has 6 shadows, the only name I can remember is the bottom left one which is called Tartan. They will also have a mini 213 brush with them. Cost should be around $36 USD
  • Each Lip Bag will have a Tartan patterned bag, a full size dazzleglass lip gloss and a full size lipstick. Costs are estimated between $22.50 and $36 USD
  • Mineral sets will come in the cute tins and contain a full size paint pot, a full sized mineralize eyeshadow, a full sized lip glass and a sample size zoom lash. $59.50 USD
  • Each Blush palette has three blushes, a sheertone shimmer, a beauty powder, and a normal blush. $38 USD
  • One brush set comes in a cross shoulder strap bag containing a small 275, 212, 227, 190 and 129 brush.
  • The other brush set is in a similar tartan cross-shoulder strap bag with a small 209, 219, 252, 168, and 187 brush.
  • The eye bag includes, a mini 209 brush, of course the neat tartan bag, a full size fluidline, a full size pigment jar and a sample Zoom lash mascara.
So, I hope you benefited from this, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm truly excited to see more swatches and I'd love to see more photos of some of the lip products (like Courting Lilac). What are you thoughts? Digging the Tartan look?


  1. I want everything from this collection! This is gonna be tough for my wallet... lol!

  2. I feel the same way, this entire collection makes me grabby! I want it all!