Thursday, September 23, 2010

NOTD: Wet n' Wild Black Fog

Black Fog-> From the Halloween Insomnia Collection
I got this yesterday in my Wet n' Wild haul, and so far I love it. Completely unique in my collection this is a dark almost black smokey navy cream. In fact in most light on my nails this does indeed look black but in some light you get this neat hint of blue. This highly pigmented polish only required one coat for most of my nails (some did need two) and has an awesome smooth shiny finish when dry. The bottle holds 0.29 fluid ounces or 8.5 milliliters and only costs $2.99 CND, and I am so glad I got it. A twist on basic black this one keeps drawing my eyes back to it, wondering which colour it appears right then. It's limited edition though with the Insomnia collection so be sure to pick one up!
In sunlight

Appears pretty much black here.

What do you think? Dark dark colors for you, or are you going to pass this trend by? Tell me how you feel in the comments or by e-mail!

1 comment:

  1. I am really loving your nails, the Wet n Wild black nail polish looks super with your skin tone. It does look more blue-black inn direct sunlight and very low price, I seen these at most drug stores. Your swatches make the sale.

    Mc Huggs :)